Friday, April 06, 2012

Child Immunizations Unsafe

The Sliming of "Pink Slime" - Derek Hunter - Townhall Conservative Columnists - Page 1

Most of us know someone that has a child with some handicap that they blame on immunizations. All the science we have says that the immunizations are not the cause, yet these people fervently believe and do everything they can to get others to not immunize their children.

Many of the rest of us harbor or have harbored similar types of thoughts. "Wait an hour after eating before you swim" was the rule when I was young. So and so had a cousin that had died gotten a cramp and died ...

I listen to NPR, so I know "all about Pink Slime". They had a lot of coverage of it, how bad it made the meat, who used it, who didn't, when they were going to stop using it, etc. As with a lot of emotionally driven bandwagons, there wasn't a lot of concern for any "other side" --- reasons for it's use, positives of it being used, reasons it could be bad to do away with it. It was the typical NPR type of "no slant" journalism -- the story only had one real side, the NPR side -- the meat industry is flat out evil, everyone the listens to NPR knows that.

Turns out there IS a downside -- the whole article is short and worth the read. We have turned into SHEEP folks -- the MSM is FAR worse than "Pink Slime".
 Already, 3,000 jobs are lost, and more are on the way. Experts say we’ll need 150,000 more head of cattle per year to make up for the lost filler and that ground beef could go up 20 percent or more. All because a food snob from England whose kids are legally named – and I couldn’t possibly make this up – Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo, Petal Blossom and Buddy Bear, decided to bump the ratings with a misleading stunt.

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