Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Drinking Makes You Conservative!

Study: Dumb drunk people are more conservative | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner:

Here is some science you can believe in, getting drunk makes you more "conservative" -- uh, well, from a liberal viewpoint I guess, where "conservative = stupid".

But for those of a slightly less prejudice nature, the next time you see the drunk college girl on spring break dancing, think "drinking makes you conservative".

The next time you see a drunken frat boy come up to your door canvasing for Mitt, think "drinking makes people conservative".

When you are watching football and see a set of guys out in freezing temps with their teams colors and or symbols painted on their bodies while they hold up massive mugs of their favorite adult beverage, think "conservatives".

No doubt government grants paid for this study. We must ALL be "conservative" to be surprised at all that the government blew 500 BILLION on Solyndra.

If BO was drunk when he did that, at least he would have an excuse!

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