Thursday, May 10, 2012

Let Us NEVER Talk "Civility" Again!!

Carville: Wake up Democrats; you could lose -

Why a man who knows he is running for president (who claims to know something about the American economy) would for any reason keep money in offshore accounts, I have no idea. And I know that we are going to take him out to the cornfield (like at the end of the movie "Casino") on the Ryan budget.

Ok, The "Cornfield Scene" is a merciless beating and burial in shallow grave that has been called "possibly the most difficult to watch" scene in a movie of all time". WOW, there have been A LOT of really bad beating scenes in movies ... I had to go find just that scene, and it is brutal. 

However, certainly ZERO PROBLEM with no less than Democrat Strategist James Carvelle talking about what they are going to do to Romney in the fall on the off shore accounts and the Ryan Budget. Nice imagery -- uh, saying someone is a "target" (for defeat) is supposed to not be "civil"?? Give me a BREAK!! we are all well aware that this is TOTALLY a one sided issue -- the left can do ANYTHING it wants, witness "The Assassination of George Bush". 

What Democrats seek is "unilateral rhetoric disarmament" -- when your objective is a one party Soviet style system, you have to get rid of the opposition somehow! 

The quote ought to have been: "Why would a REPUBLICAN who knows he is running for president ...:. " Kerry had houses galore, both domestic and international, and no end of "of shore" -- of course "that was owned by his wife". No story there, move along. He also kept his yacht in RI to avoid MA taxes -- no problem there, he is a Democrat, he wants OTHERS to pay high taxes!!

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