Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mittens is a Unicorn

Prove Mitt's not a unicorn, group says in satirizing 'birthers' -

Ok, I think the unicorn theory is a bit less likely than the not born in Hawaii theory -- since even BO's official bio for his first book said he was  born in Kenya but at least both being a unicorn and not being a US citizen are dis-qualifiers for being president. Unlike the views of a commanding officer on your pilot skills 35 years earlier.

The MSM finds the idea that some group would keep pushing on a story about BO to be "completely ridiculous", however even when Dan Rather lost his job over forged documents relative to W's time as a pilot in the TX Air National Guard, the MSM took a decent shot at "fake but true". However, the constitution doesn't say that your commanding officer had to like your work in order to be president.

I realize that the MSM has the power to hammer on a story about W's guard service day in and day out and since it was almost certain to be a close election, they may well have been able to swing the tide had they found some true smoking gun of a story. It is certainly clear that they were trying hard.

Now in the case of BO, they could care less if he was born in Kenya, was a Muslim, dealt coke, pot or whatever, went to Columbia or not -- whatever. They LIKE BO ... so since he is their guy, they think anyone questioning him in any way is "silly".

This is easy to understand, I'm just surprised that more people don't.

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