Tuesday, May 22, 2012

No Flame for Current Plame

Remembering Valerie Plame | Power Line

The whole Plame affair was very lame ... Joe Wilson actually reported that Saddam DID try to get Yellowcake from Niger -- er, or maybe little souvenir trinkets, the OTHER export from Niger. Plame was not an undercover field agent, but rather commuted to Langley every work day.

But the MSM and the rest went all-in on the story.

As this column points out, BO outs a true double agent -- British no less, and the US MSM could care less, although the Brits and some other allies are a bit miffed. Oh, and we let Al Quaeda know a whole bunch of stuff there was no reason to spill.

It is still generally an MSM world -- if BO actually doing damaging leaks helps him get elected, SUPER. If it turns out that W didn't even have any leaks on a topic that wouldn't matter if he did in his SECOND TERM  -- well, no matter. From an MSM POV, a story taking down a Republican doesn't have to be real, timely, or true in any sense whatsoever -- "damaging" is good enough.

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