Friday, May 11, 2012

The Other Guys Have Issues

Lugar Defeat and End of Bipartisanship -

Human nature is so wonderfully and woefully predictable. If you write for the NYTs, you literally CAN'T SEE both sides of many issues at all. Do I really need to say anything beyond Joe Lieberman?? The Democrat party had to purge itself of a man that it ran for VP in '00. One could go on forever of the now extinct "Democrat Hawks", "Pro-Life Dems", and "Blue Dogs" that have been purged from the Democrat party as it has lurched to the left.

No, what folks at the Times pine away for are the kind of "compromises" where one side gets it's spending and the other gets it's tax cut and vice - versa ... oh, and let's put 85% of the ballooning budget on autopilot  as "entitlements" before we retire to the bar for a genial drink.

That kind of "compromise" is killing us --- it is the obese person cutting exercise AND eating more. The drunk drinking more on weekends AND during the week. This is a time for INTERVENTION, not compromise, but the left sincerely believes that spending, taxing and borrowing can A:L:L keep rolling and buying them votes forever.

So, we have a conflict -- and unlike what the NYTs thinks, BOTH SIDES have "girded their loins" in the words of Joe Biden. One side seeks to grow the US government forever, one seeks to have a nation of "limited government" as it says in the constitution. We can't have both, so there is conflict.

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