Saturday, July 28, 2012

Understanding Leviathan

George Will: Blowing the whistle on Leviathan - The Washington Post

Good column by George. I've read "2 Felonies a Day", a very good and sobering book.

The statutes are already in place for the government to declare you a felon any day they want. Without even having a thought in your head of committing a crime, you have run afoul of some statute ... maybe a claim on your taxes, maybe some chemical that you use ... for cleaning, for crafts, for lawn care. Maybe your religious views somehow crossed the line to "hate speech" ... or somebody is willing to testify that they did. Maybe you transported the wrong thing ... or person across state lines. The list is endless.

The list is way too long and getting longer every day. For now, the government can only TAX you for not buying the proper type of heath insurance. But the slope is greased -- the path to criminalizing what you DON'T do is well established.

Face it, get on the wrong side of the wrong people and you are CURRENTLY a criminal.

Oh, you trust the government? What if the "other side" wins ... do you trust Mittens? Do you trust  Boehner? Michelle Bachmann?  No?? As you applaud the adding of  more and more government power,  remember you have NO guarantee of what idiot will wield it.

That is why our founders specified LIMITED government. They thought that EVERYONE could see the dangers in UNLIMITED government and that limiting government would be a bipartisan AMERICAN issue.

 But we don't understand that, do we??

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