Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Voter ID Is Expensive? Try Harriers

Chaos at the Pentagon? | Power Line

It is CHEAP if it gets enough fraud out of the system to take BO with it!

$200 million would cover a lot of ID, not to mention the two lives which are priceless.

We have Al Qaeda "on the run"?? Looks a lot like they have been INCREASING in strength the past 4 years!!

"Secret" Videos

Althouse: The secret video of Romney talking to donors.

Sometimes I wonder if even smart (and pretty actually) conservatives like Ann aren't a bit too isolated from the MSM onslaught to "get it".

On NPR and CNN today (and I'm sure MSNBC, NYT, etc), Mitt's comments are THE story. They are unashamedly presented as "he doesn't CARE about the 47%".  This is a feeding frenzy, they believe that coupled with their fantastical interpretation  about Mitt calling the reprehensible APOLOGY from the US Egyptian reprehensible -- which BTW, BO and Hillary did later in the day, they have a Romney campaign in "disarray", the election as good as lost.

Of course they may.  4 US dead including an Ambassador in Libya, which was the 2nd biggest positive of the BO foreign policy. oh, did you know he killed Bin Ladin? Personally I believe ... hand to hand. It was a wonderful thing ... but prior to the ambassador being dragged through the streets, his brilliant Libya strategy was very close.

Anyway, pay no attention to Libya. Pay no attention to the US being unable to do joint ops with Afghans lest they shoot us. Pay no attention to an economy that still sucks and a QEIII politically motivated money printing orgy. The fed used to be about pulling the punchbowl away, now they are pouring 190 proof grain alcohol in it right before an election.

No matter. Mitt criticized the media guy and we caught him telling the truth on camera. He is done!!

Oh, "Bitterly Clinging" in '08?? If you didn't do conservative media, you barely heard about it. NPR and CNN covered "the right wing / racist media trying to make something out of it" ... but it was a non-story.

Why would it be? BO is their guy.

Can Republicans Talk? - Thomas Sowell - Page 1

Can Republicans Talk? - Thomas Sowell - Page 1

Just read it. Republicans need to do A TON more work than they do to debunk the lies of the left. Sure, they will constantly be castigated for "repeating the same lies" ... the the MSM and Democrats which are the EXPERTS at doing just that, but the so what?

As Sowell says so well -- "The facts DON'T speak for themselves" !!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Famous "Liberal" Pictures

Pictures That Change Elections? | Power Line

One can only hope.

Why is it that when a Republican is in the WH there is no end to the weeping and gnashing of teeth about "fascism",  "chilling constitutional rights abuses" and other sundry overblown concerns.

But when there is a "liberal" in the WH, the Jackbooted Thugs actually start showing up at people's homes.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Blood-let Till It Works!

Fed Pledges Action Until Economy Shows Gains - NYTimes.com:

Wow, this is GREAT news! I'm thinking, why would they ever stop??? I mean, if this works (and so far, it completely hasn't), then why not just keep doing it?

Hell, the economy can always be better, right? Just do it FOREVER!!

I mean, no way they would just do this for an attempted quick spiff prior the elections, right? I mean, that would be "political", and we know that the Fed is NOT a political.

So why is it important to let the opposition know of a data certain when we will be done with a military surge in troops, but it is important to tell the markets that we are "in it till it works"??

I guess I'm just not as brilliant as the BO administration!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Criticize BO Foreign Policy Bad?

Update on the Murder of Ambassador Stevens | Power Line

Oh yea, I SURELY remember the MSM becoming enraged when W was criticized! ... and of course HIS policies where the same when initiated as 90% of the Democrats, voted on through both houses with wide margins, and agreed to by 80% of the US population going in!

Not that we ought focus on that, "Bush Lied!!".

BO OTOH went in alone (oh, wait, he had the FRENCH with him), no congress, no big public support -- he was COURAGEOUS! So it would be COMPLETELY WRONG to criticize him or for him to take responsibility!!

FURTHER UPDATE: This is just about beyond belief. We have a failed policy in the Middle East, an American embassy and consulate attacked by Islamic radicals in two countries whose regimes the Obama administration participated in overthrowing, a murdered ambassador–the first in 33 years–and the burning question in the media-formerly-known-as-meanstream is whether Mitt Romney was wrong to criticize the Obama administration’s response to the attacks.

Of course, reporters are entirely consistent. Remember when things weren’t going well in Iraq–weapons of mass destruction weren’t found, al Qaeda stimulated sectarian violence, military casualties were rising–how the media became enraged every time a Democrat criticized George W. Bush’s Iraq policies? Yeah, that’s what dominated the news back in 2005 and 2006–reporters saying to Democrats, how dare you try to politicize foreign policy? Don’t you know that politics stops at the water’s edge? That’s how I remember it!

Is this 1979?

Is this 1979? « Hot Air

If you were of memorable age in '79 (unfortunately I was already working at IBM), this article is truth in the extreme.

The left, and even some of the right seem to pine away for Saddam in Iraq, but have no such sentiment for the Shah in Iran,  Q-Daffy in Libya, or Mubarak in Egypt.


I can think of only a couple of reasons:

1). They just don't study this kind of thing much, and slip into MSM la la sometimes. (I really hope that is the "standard")

2). In their hearts, they feel the US is wrong. A generalization of "The 1%". If you hate the 1%, then by extension, you must hate America, because pretty much all Americans are "The 1%" on a global basis. If it is evil to be on top, then the OWS folks are showing the world that THEY and their country are in the evil column.

Guess what? There are a whole lot of folks around the world that are very willing to remove us from this position.  By death is just fine in their book!!

Libyan Ambassador Killed : BO Built This!

Obama condemns killing of U.S. ambassador to Libya - CNN.com

OK, BO Went into Libya without the support of congress. I wonder if he is going to take responsibility for this one, ir try to blame W?

Is it possible to get any more like Jimmy Carter??? It is positively spooky.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Are We Already Beyond Repair??

Double-Minded Republicans - Andrew C. McCarthy - National Review Online

Conservatives have failed to stem the tide of "progressive" indoctrination and a full 1/3 of the country is ideologically lost. It will take a shock ... famine, loss of the electrical and internet grid, riots in the streets, attack with WMD or some other such catastrphe  before they arise from their indoctrination and look at reality rather than gauzy "Hopes" or "Caring".

Here is the blunt explanation: We have lost a third of the country and, as if that weren’t bad enough, Republicans act as if it were two-thirds. 
The lost third cannot be recovered overnight. For now, it is gone. You cannot cede the campus and the culture to the progressive, post-American Left for two generations and expect a different outcome. So even if Obama is the second coming of Jimmy Carter — and he has actually been much more effective, and therefore much worse — it is unreasonable to expect a Reagan-style landslide, and would be even if we had Reagan. 
The people coming of age in our country today have been reared very differently from those who were just beginning to take the wheel in the early 1980s. They have marinated in an unapologetically progressive system that prizes group discipline and narrative over free will and critical thought.

McCarthy would argue that Republicans with more backbone could still potentially talk and walk in ways that true Americans would rally around. I hope so. 

The point he doesn't touch on here and I fear invalidates his optimism is that we are at 49.1 of the population significantly dependent on the government already ... AND I suspect while there is some intersection between the lost third and the dependent 49.1, it is way less than enough to keep the combination from going way over 50%. 

A lot of the 1/3 are HS and University graduates and relatively young. Much of the 49.1 are dropouts and elderly. 

Not a hopeful picture, but an excellent article. 

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Paul Ryan Marathon "Lie"

Key Part of JFK-Obama Myth Not True - ABC News

Obama claimed that his father was airlifted to Hawaii by the Kennedys, and that the Selma marches were the catalyst.

Couple small problems. The Selma marches were in '65, Barack Sr came to Hawaii in '59, and Obama was born in '61.

"Lie"? Ever hear about it???

Remember Hillary Clinton being named after Sir Edmund Hillary???  http://www.snopes.com/politics/clintons/hillary.asp ... who didn't become famous for 6 years after she was born???

You probably don't remember either of those because the MSM wasn't very excited about reporting them. Suppose they are going to have a different attitude on Paul Ryan's "lie"??

I'll wager they will. For Ryan, it will be a "character issue" ... unlike of course Bill Clinton saying "I never had sex with that woman" ... which was "personal" even though he was under oath and any sexual relations with a subordinate would dismiss anyone from the military or a US corporation, consensual or not.  Never mind, one of their own.

Other than the Bill Clinton case, I'd be inclined to be forgiving of Obama, Hillary and Ryan ... because if all of us would be FORCED to be "honest"  (because someone researched all the "facts") we would find that parts of our "history" are fabrications. We don't REALIZE they are, but we ALL look at our past very selectively and through very rose colored glasses.  These items are factually incorrect, but to call them "lies" is to completely not understand what it is to be human.

The kinds of folks that go into politics are "worse" ... meaning they see themselves in a more "fake positive" light than the rest of us.  But we ALL do it!!

What sucks is that Conservatives are big believers in "the higher standard", AND in  "consistency". Both traits which I wholly agree with, but which can very quickly become totally unrealistic, meaning that no human  can actually be a "conservative politician",  which actually does come perilously close to being an oxymoron.

Couple this with the MSM tendency to pile on anybody on the right with a vengeance, but to wink-wink-nod-nod to to those on the left, and a recipe for having the deck stacked woefully against one side is great. It is almost as if someone would risk their job using possibly fake documents on one hand to ferret out a possible 30 year old poor evaluation, but be completely incurious over sealed records of  a candidate from the other party's entire history at Columbia.

Oh, but I'd be crazy to think that kind of double standard could exist!!

Do I wish that Ryan hadn't said something so obviously stupid??? Certainly. Am I going to hold him to a standard higher than BO or Hillary???  Yes, but not an impossible standard.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

God and Jerusalem, 50/50 at DNC

DNC Almighty Nightmare In Charlotte: Now Dems Put God And Jerusalem Language Back Into The Platform

Watch the video and make your own  determination. First we have a BO "oops" on  approval of the platform,  and then we have the "fix",  with the chair having to fudge the 2/3 approval.

Note, BO couldn't do a review of his own platform, and when  it hat to be updated, he couldn't get an honest 2/3 vote from his own delegates!

This guy thinks he deserves ANOTHER term??

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Blessings, Blame, American Economy

Why Blame Obama?

The linked article makes the case pretty clear that Obama has a very large share of the blame for the current state of the American economy. The cornerstones that blame rests on:
  • Understanding that CONGRESS sets the budget of the US. Slick Willie deserves credit for signing the budgets of the '90s that led to a surplus (under duress), but the Republican congress set them and took the blame for the reduction in the rate of growth of spending that led to the surplus (along with the Internet Bubble). 
  • Understanding the difference between TARP and the Stimulus -- W helped engineer and signed off on TARP (which I also didn't like), but BO did the Stimulus with his Democrat congress cronies. 
  • Understanding the history of US debt and the truly horrific effect that ONE term by ONE US president ( BO ) has had. 
  • Understanding the destruction of the rule of law and it's replacement with crony capitalism and the effect that has on business investment. 
But there is still some mass confusion about "How do we get out of this?".


While liberals scream of the Republicans holding a convention that was supposed to be a huge lie about an America that never was by a bunch of evil folks out to hurt anyone less that super wealthy, the left wants to return to Henry Ford and 1914. Well, that's a start.

In 1914, US spending was 2.76% of GDP ...  21% LESS!! than government spending today. No doubt corporate leaders and wealthy people "cared" (as measured in $$$) much more in 1914 than they do today. They could AFFORD TO!!  The US Government forced them to outsource all that "caring" to Washington at the point of a gun and now complains that "Corporations don't care enough"!

Worse, America was highly competitive then. Today we are over regulated, over taxed, federally mismanaged, and our work ethic has been converted to "gimme" ... out of somebody else's pocket, ASAP.


Friedman is pining away for the 60's and like the entire left, he is forced to completely forget the '80s. Yes, JFK set a great goal with going to the moon, and NASA cashed the check. While fondly remembered by Friedman however, we also had a number of assassinations, civil unrest, a losing war in Vietnam, an acceleration in entitlements we couldn't pay for and the beginnings of the end of our economic world dominance.

By the '80s, the left had decided that "America's best years were behind her", and then came Ronald Reagan saying it was "Morning in America" and that the USSR (our competition for Superpower at that point) would be assigned to "The Ash Heap of History". And lo, it came to pass that the USSR was so consigned and the US set off on an economic odyssey that lasted right up through '07.

Perhaps we need to figure out what the game is again until we declare it "Halftime".  America used to be proudly pro-business and business used to be proudly pro-profit. Now what are we?? Pro-entitlement?? But what kind of a game is that?? The winners are the takers rather than the makers?

I'd say we already see how well that works. We have been sliding since 1914 or before and the '07 Democrat congress and BO just kicked in the solid fuel boosters in the wrong direction as we already hung at the edge.

There is STILL no free lunch! Figure that out, realize that competition is like gravity -- it is ALWAYS there, you just get to decide if it is to your benefit or your peril!

Let's get this country up off the mat and get back in the right game ... and then maybe we can talk about "halftime" after a couple decades of defending against the opposition and scoring some solid points!