Sunday, September 09, 2012

Are We Already Beyond Repair??

Double-Minded Republicans - Andrew C. McCarthy - National Review Online

Conservatives have failed to stem the tide of "progressive" indoctrination and a full 1/3 of the country is ideologically lost. It will take a shock ... famine, loss of the electrical and internet grid, riots in the streets, attack with WMD or some other such catastrphe  before they arise from their indoctrination and look at reality rather than gauzy "Hopes" or "Caring".

Here is the blunt explanation: We have lost a third of the country and, as if that weren’t bad enough, Republicans act as if it were two-thirds. 
The lost third cannot be recovered overnight. For now, it is gone. You cannot cede the campus and the culture to the progressive, post-American Left for two generations and expect a different outcome. So even if Obama is the second coming of Jimmy Carter — and he has actually been much more effective, and therefore much worse — it is unreasonable to expect a Reagan-style landslide, and would be even if we had Reagan. 
The people coming of age in our country today have been reared very differently from those who were just beginning to take the wheel in the early 1980s. They have marinated in an unapologetically progressive system that prizes group discipline and narrative over free will and critical thought.

McCarthy would argue that Republicans with more backbone could still potentially talk and walk in ways that true Americans would rally around. I hope so. 

The point he doesn't touch on here and I fear invalidates his optimism is that we are at 49.1 of the population significantly dependent on the government already ... AND I suspect while there is some intersection between the lost third and the dependent 49.1, it is way less than enough to keep the combination from going way over 50%. 

A lot of the 1/3 are HS and University graduates and relatively young. Much of the 49.1 are dropouts and elderly. 

Not a hopeful picture, but an excellent article. 

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