Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Is this 1979?

Is this 1979? « Hot Air

If you were of memorable age in '79 (unfortunately I was already working at IBM), this article is truth in the extreme.

The left, and even some of the right seem to pine away for Saddam in Iraq, but have no such sentiment for the Shah in Iran,  Q-Daffy in Libya, or Mubarak in Egypt.


I can think of only a couple of reasons:

1). They just don't study this kind of thing much, and slip into MSM la la sometimes. (I really hope that is the "standard")

2). In their hearts, they feel the US is wrong. A generalization of "The 1%". If you hate the 1%, then by extension, you must hate America, because pretty much all Americans are "The 1%" on a global basis. If it is evil to be on top, then the OWS folks are showing the world that THEY and their country are in the evil column.

Guess what? There are a whole lot of folks around the world that are very willing to remove us from this position.  By death is just fine in their book!!

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