Thursday, September 06, 2012

Paul Ryan Marathon "Lie"

Key Part of JFK-Obama Myth Not True - ABC News

Obama claimed that his father was airlifted to Hawaii by the Kennedys, and that the Selma marches were the catalyst.

Couple small problems. The Selma marches were in '65, Barack Sr came to Hawaii in '59, and Obama was born in '61.

"Lie"? Ever hear about it???

Remember Hillary Clinton being named after Sir Edmund Hillary??? ... who didn't become famous for 6 years after she was born???

You probably don't remember either of those because the MSM wasn't very excited about reporting them. Suppose they are going to have a different attitude on Paul Ryan's "lie"??

I'll wager they will. For Ryan, it will be a "character issue" ... unlike of course Bill Clinton saying "I never had sex with that woman" ... which was "personal" even though he was under oath and any sexual relations with a subordinate would dismiss anyone from the military or a US corporation, consensual or not.  Never mind, one of their own.

Other than the Bill Clinton case, I'd be inclined to be forgiving of Obama, Hillary and Ryan ... because if all of us would be FORCED to be "honest"  (because someone researched all the "facts") we would find that parts of our "history" are fabrications. We don't REALIZE they are, but we ALL look at our past very selectively and through very rose colored glasses.  These items are factually incorrect, but to call them "lies" is to completely not understand what it is to be human.

The kinds of folks that go into politics are "worse" ... meaning they see themselves in a more "fake positive" light than the rest of us.  But we ALL do it!!

What sucks is that Conservatives are big believers in "the higher standard", AND in  "consistency". Both traits which I wholly agree with, but which can very quickly become totally unrealistic, meaning that no human  can actually be a "conservative politician",  which actually does come perilously close to being an oxymoron.

Couple this with the MSM tendency to pile on anybody on the right with a vengeance, but to wink-wink-nod-nod to to those on the left, and a recipe for having the deck stacked woefully against one side is great. It is almost as if someone would risk their job using possibly fake documents on one hand to ferret out a possible 30 year old poor evaluation, but be completely incurious over sealed records of  a candidate from the other party's entire history at Columbia.

Oh, but I'd be crazy to think that kind of double standard could exist!!

Do I wish that Ryan hadn't said something so obviously stupid??? Certainly. Am I going to hold him to a standard higher than BO or Hillary???  Yes, but not an impossible standard.

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