Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Secret" Videos

Althouse: The secret video of Romney talking to donors.

Sometimes I wonder if even smart (and pretty actually) conservatives like Ann aren't a bit too isolated from the MSM onslaught to "get it".

On NPR and CNN today (and I'm sure MSNBC, NYT, etc), Mitt's comments are THE story. They are unashamedly presented as "he doesn't CARE about the 47%".  This is a feeding frenzy, they believe that coupled with their fantastical interpretation  about Mitt calling the reprehensible APOLOGY from the US Egyptian reprehensible -- which BTW, BO and Hillary did later in the day, they have a Romney campaign in "disarray", the election as good as lost.

Of course they may.  4 US dead including an Ambassador in Libya, which was the 2nd biggest positive of the BO foreign policy. oh, did you know he killed Bin Ladin? Personally I believe ... hand to hand. It was a wonderful thing ... but prior to the ambassador being dragged through the streets, his brilliant Libya strategy was very close.

Anyway, pay no attention to Libya. Pay no attention to the US being unable to do joint ops with Afghans lest they shoot us. Pay no attention to an economy that still sucks and a QEIII politically motivated money printing orgy. The fed used to be about pulling the punchbowl away, now they are pouring 190 proof grain alcohol in it right before an election.

No matter. Mitt criticized the media guy and we caught him telling the truth on camera. He is done!!

Oh, "Bitterly Clinging" in '08?? If you didn't do conservative media, you barely heard about it. NPR and CNN covered "the right wing / racist media trying to make something out of it" ... but it was a non-story.

Why would it be? BO is their guy.

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