Saturday, October 06, 2012

Good Jobs??

Obama’s Jobs Failure, In One Chart | Power Line

As a long time NPR listener, I know that whenever there is a "good jobs number" (lower unemployment, good number of jobs for a month/quarter, etc) ... well, at least during the Reagan years and the W years, the question was always "Are those good jobs ?? or low paying dead end jobs??"

Is the person "underemployed"? Meaning are they in a job that is below their skill level?

How about "disenchanted workers"?? Those folks that have gotten so sick of looking for work that they are just sitting it out??

Those are all good questions, but they are good questions no matter who is in the WH, and the ANSWERS are also important.

Unfortunately, for BO, the answer on especially the disenchanted front is terrible as the linked chart clearly shows.

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