Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's The World View Stupid

George W. Bush Haunts Mitt Romney - Bloomberg

The media succeeded in making W an unpopular president, ergo whatever principles he governed by are discredited. Being "unpopular" is equivalent to being wrong.

US savings rate is pitifully low (although less pitiful than it used to be), therefore saving money is "wrong/bad".

The doctor used approved medical procedures to treat the patient, but they died, therefore we ought to return to blood letting, it is "obviously" just as good.

Many countries around the globe moved to more market based competitive economic policies in the '80s and saw long term economic booms. Many backslid from those policies ... US, England, Ireland. Some didn't ... China, India, Brazil. The ones that backslid have fallen on hard economic times, the ones that stayed the course are largely still rolling. Therefore a market based competitive approach to economic activity is discredited??

If all the other kids jump over a cliff, are you going to follow them?? I guess in a liberal house, the answer to that question is "Sure, if everyone else thinks it is a good idea, it must be ... we believe in democracy!!"

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