Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Remember George Zimmerman

One of the extreme dangers of a controlled or crony/paid press (eg. Public Media) is that they masquerade as a source of information, but really become just another political propaganda arm of the government interest, or in the case of the MSM in the US, the ruling elite ... public and private unions, lawyers, the legal system and the university/educational system.

So an open and shut self defense case in FL is trumped up to a racist murder by the racial / left political industry during an election year to provide a few weeks of cover for a failed president trying to be re-elected. George Zimmerman, a private citizen, Democrat himself a minority (hispanic) has his life destroyed so he can be forced to provide the left with a diversion. Then the story stops and we are told to move long.

"Dershowitz also mentions a suspicion I’ve harbored since the weird, circus-like press conference at which Corey announced the charges: they’re a political instrument designed to buy time for everyone to cool down, leading to a long trial that dismantles some of the hysteria built up around the Trayvon Martin case.  If true, the strategy is understandable… but utterly outrageous.  The United States does not do “show trials.”  The justice system is not a safety valve for releasing unhealthy levels of political tension.  Individual citizens are not pawns to be shoved around in media games by gun-control advocates, race hustlers, or opportunistic politicians.  The purpose of law enforcement is to protect the public, not appease certain segments of it."

But we see in the Zimmerman case, the US now IS the kind of nation where people become pawns of the political/legal/media system and are powerless to prevent it.

Unless of course those of us in "undesirable groups" ... white, male, christian, conservative, etc follow the "stay in your car strategy", or maybe better put "sit down and shut up" strategy. When the corruption of the system gets to a certain point, the siren call is to keep your head down and stay quiet and they will leave you alone. Unfortunately, as millions found out in the 20th century, that doesn't work. First they come for a few George Zimmermans ... eventually they come for you.

It’s difficult to see how any of that might convince a jury to hand down a “guilty” verdict to Murder Two charges.  How does that “stay in your car” principle work?  Do you have to stay in your car when you seeanyone acting suspiciously in your neighborhood, or do the age, sex, and racial background of the subject matter?  Does everyone have to stay in their cars, or only members of certain age, sex, and racial groups?
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