Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Facts About Presidents, Spending and Deficits Since Reagan

The Facts About Budget Deficits: How The Presidents Truly Rank - Forbes

When looking at the facts, the following things  need to be remembered:

  • CONGRESS sets the budget of the US. Reagan was hurt badly by a Democrat congress, Clinton helped mightily by Republican one. 
  • REAL GROWTH is the ONLY hope!! Not inflation, not borrowing, not even consuming. Turning the nation back to making things of value, selling them at a profit, spending less than that profit and investing the rest in something that goes up in value!
  • Reagan did a lot of great things, but he spent a lot of money and a lot of the "growth" was just borrowed money --- public and private. 
  • The late '90s Internet Bubble  and '03-'07 Housing Bubble are very hard to factor in this ... Not much to be done about it, just a fact. 

The $29K Better than $69K America

When Work Is Punished: The Tragedy Of America's Welfare State | ZeroHedge

It is better for a single mom to have a $29K job and get the benefits then it is to have a $69K job and get off welfare!!!

Talk about DISincentive!!

The other really frightening statistic in this article:
The punchline: 110 million privately employed workers; 88 million welfare recipients and government workers and rising rapidly.
When something can't go on forever, it won't!!  ... even if people vote as if it will.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lose Arm or Leg??

My faith in the CBO is about the same as my faith in other government agencies, but one has to use SOMETHING for sources. It is pretty clear that the switch to Democrats in '07 was devastating, and the big reason for that is that the difference between the two parties is pretty much R - we drink a handle of vodka a day, D - we add a mixture of crack and heroin to the vodka.

Would you rather be a rose colored 58% of GDP in the hole or 90% in 2022?? I say "rose colored" because this doesn't count FICA, Medicare and a bunch of other stuff. We are ALREADY over 100% of GDP in the hole if you take the rosy glasses off just like our ACTUAL unemployment is well over 10% and well over 20% for folks in their 20s and 50s.

So now we have a decrepit economy and our choices really really suck. Left side, do the "responsible thing". Damned if you do. Right side, continue down the road to perdition. Damned if you don't. Like kicking smokes, booze, drugs, starting to exercise, taking up exercise, etc, on the "next day basis" (think "next 5 years" for country), doing the "right thing" sucks worse ... especially right away.

 The "Fiscal Cliff" is really just "a reasonable start". A "deal" ... like the completely stupid and useless 8 days of revenue from "taxing the rich" is just dropping a few more shots on your supposed way to quitting drinking. BUT ... as I've said before. Republicans, the current party of "being a drunk isn't as bad as being a drug addict" needs to clean up and start talking very straight.

 My advice is to give the Democrats what they want and start COMMUNICATING things like this chart about how really senseless their policies are, but in the interest of "compromise", here you go -- there is a congressional election in 2 years. If the D policies have worked, vote us out. If not, we would really like your consideration then and in 2016, providing there is anything recognizable as a nation left.

 Romney was right about the stuff, just wrong about the percentage. It isn't 47% takers, it is 50.x%". He clearly stated that he was NOT the candidate of stuff, and the American people said "give us our stuff". They want the binge to go on. Yes, the death of America is maybe already a reality and certainly likely with that approach, but the Republicans have become AT BEST enablers by marginally slowing the decline.

It is time for the nation to reach bottom, and either then seek a different course, or just cease.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Demography, Destiny, Racism

Demography Is Destiny - Ann Coulter - Page 1:

How can it be that your race defines how you will vote? Is there ANY way that can be true other than assumptions about demography that are just as racist as Slavery and the subsequent Jim Crow South that the Democrats presided over for 100 years post slavery??

Hispanics especially, but certainly Orientals and even a significant percentage of Blacks believe in strong families, hard work, individual responsibility, religious faith, sanctity of life, etc ... "Republican" values, formerly known as American values.

BUT, they have been convinced to vote "tribally" ... they have been sold a bill of goods that it is REPUBLICANS that are "racist", while it is assumed that a group of people will continue in perpetuity to vote counter to their own beliefs because:
  1. They would be ashamed to vote "against their race". 
  2. Their race is ALWAYS going to be some sort of an underclass that is going to require a lot of government largesse. 
Unless one believes some races are actually inferior, is either we keep allowing in a large number of minorities that need massive government services. OR, if Democrats are able to perform the magic they have on Blacks on Hispanics by breaking up families through welfare and making them a permanently dependent subculture that is guaranteed to vote Democrat. Since Democrats are so certain of "Demography/Destiny", I have to assume they expect to keep open borders / massive welfare state forever??

Yes, Democrats clearly believe that non-whites are "racially incapable" of voting other than for entitlement. Do Republicans believe that?? I sure don't. It is up to Republicans to point out the racism in the Democrat message and assumptions and to win these segments to voting for the values that they actually agree with!!

What has and is being done to Blacks by the Democrat Party in this country -- from Slavery to Jim Crow, to Welfare Dependency is the greatest single tragedy of America. To allow it to happen to Hispanics is unconscionable!!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

White Crowd Laughs and Applauds at Black Man Defeat!

Overwhelmingly white crowd laughs at and applauds defeat of black politician | The Daily Caller

See, it is RACIST when one doesn't support a Black man !!!

WTF??? E-Mail????

What the heck, FBI? - The Week:

The nations top spy and another 4-star general think e-mail is SECURE??? WTF???

That to me is the strangest part of this story. Old powerful guy cheats with younger woman ... uh, older story than David and Bathsheba.

"Sudden revelation day after election" ... yea, right. I thought BO ran as Santa, doesn't he know who is naughty and nice??

But if our "super smart intellectual elite" is convinced that e-mail is secure, they might think a nation can borrow 40% of what it spends and have 10% of the people pay 90% of the remainder ... oh wait, they DO believe that!! Better go practice shooting. bye.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Joy In Stalinist Amerika: Reaganomics Dead!

Michael Tomasky on How Mitt Romney Finally Killed Reaganomics - The Daily Beast

Kind of reminds me of "God is dead", "The end of competition", "We are all Keynesians now", "The end of big government", etc.

The principles that kicked off the Reagan revolution, and even the Bush economy (Record stock market, $165B deficit in 2007) are going to go away at about the same time as gravity and women enjoying having their hair done.

Of course liberals want them "repealed" ... along with competition, merit, investment, Christianity and hard work, but while they can stop things for a good long while, growth and life tend to find a way.

Dirty Harry Election

They want a tax increase. What are you going to do?? Give them one ...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Let Democrats Have Their Way!!

Dear Republican Congress, Give Obama and His Boys Everything They Want - Doug Giles - [page]

I really think that Giles is on to something here. We have had enough divided government to soften the level of disaster since the Democrat congress takeover in '07, but it has allowed muddled thinking.

The Democrats want to tax the rich. The removal of the W tax cuts is $80B added revenue a year assuming the "rich" don't change their behavior to get less income. The government spends $10B a day. We are arguing over 8 days of spending!

What if Republicans went on TV and said "Here is what we believe will happen, but people want compromise, so here it is. Please learn from it.".

It would at least be a different approach!

Voter Fraud

Obama Likely Won Re-Election Through Election Fraud - Rachel Alexander - Page 1

Remember DieBold and all the left wingers screaming bloody murder about vote fraud in '00 up until '06?? In '06, it was suddenly no longer an issue!

'10 showed us that fraud has a limit. One can't have TOO  many districts where the number of registered voters exceeds the population, but as this article shows, you can have SOME and get away with it.

There is a very easy to understand why electronic voting was an issue and now it isn't -- the left figured out how to keep their fraud numbers up using the new form of voting, so they are fine with it now.

There is an easy explanation for why they are so against Voter ID now -- it would affect their fraud vote totals, so they block it any way they can.


Death - A Nice Opportunity for Regret -

Death, or last Tuesday. Wait, that is redundant.

Very well done article.  Read it all,  but this really spoke to me.
If you have no sadness or remorse, you are a liar or a denier, or worse still, you haven’t lived. No one makes it through a life without words better left unsaid, poor judgments or thoughtless omissions. I can barely make it through a day without all three.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Use It Or Lose It??

There is going to be no interest in proving anything now by anyone in power in MN, and not at the federal level either since BO controls the judiciary, but there really is only one real reason to fight voter ID. 

You know there is massive fraud and you like it that way. In fact, your job and maybe even your freedom from the slammer depends on it. 

Oh sure,  those in power and the MSM can make up "disenfranchisement",  but with provisional ballots, that is a fantasy. For the sheep though, if their leaders make a noise they bleat it back. 

Apparently BO lost in every state that requires ID. I know, it proves nothing ... those states are likely more conservative and he would have lost there anyway.  Just a "factoid" ... like "the Koch brothers gave money to ...", or Mitt Romney's son had invested in some company that owned some company that made voting machines that were installed in OH. Oh, NPR had a 5min segment on that last one the day before the election because it was a "meme", and they were just saying it probably wasn't true ... repeating a meme is ALWAYS a great way toi quash it. Good thing the investment in Big Bird pays some dividends, 

One more in a long list of things there is just no curiosity about in the MSM ... you know, not like the important stuff like was W a good pilot, did Ronnie sleep in meetings, did HW know the price of a gal of milk when he was president, and could Dan Quayle spell potato. 

Oh, and did you know there is a "Fiscal Cliff" coming up?? I'll be darned -- now there was a story that just suddenly flashed up on the MSM radar Wednesday.  Good thing we spent a couple of billion to put exactly the same folks back at the levers of power that CREATED the fiscal cliff cuz they couldn't agree in the summer of '11, nor in the "double secret committee" later that year. 

Ah yes, the "free and unbiased press" ... making sure the folks in the nation that borrows 40% of it's existing budget and CURRENTLY has 10% of it's people pay 90% of the rest are all up to date on what's trump.

Oh, yes, now I guess there is a "mandate" for that 10% to pay more of the freight. They just aren't doing enough ... the greedy bastards!!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Wallowing In Bitterness

Bitterfest 2012 - Jay Nordlinger - National Review Online

After Tuesday, reality based people deserve a little bitterness!!

This is well done, a few of the points made are right on with where I'm thinking:
  • Conservatives tend to be on the positive sided of pragmatism. To steal the title of the excellent Ridley book "Rational Optimists". Tuesday showed us that in the case of the US, this was unwarranted. 
  • The 100 year leftward slide goes on. The Statists of course call that "Progressive" ... progress. Ever larger government, ever smaller private liberty. Reagan was an oh so tiny slowing, now the dive for the left continues to accelerate. People were NOT duped as might have been claimed after '08. This time they had a clear choice and over half of the US went for GIMME THE STUFF!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Meaning of Yesterday’s Defeat | Power Line, MUST READ

The Meaning of Yesterday’s Defeat | Power Line

I wish I had written this. Very much on target.  The fact that even though the vast majority of Americans thought Romney would be better on the economy, they went for the "free stuff" tells me that it is over ... we have gone over that cliff where the takers solidly outnumber the makers.

We borrow 40% of the cost of our government and 10% of the people pay for the rest. Why are we surprised that the electorate says; "good"?

What really hurts is that our educational system has convinced our youth that socialism works, when the very recent past provides many proofs that it does not. No matter, most young people believe what their teachers tell them and the primary function of our union controlled school system is to turn out more liberals.

Reality Votes

I've often said thought and felt that if it wasn't for reality, everyone would be a Democrat.

If there was no God, but a guarantee of a benevolent government to take care of you no matter how lazy, foolish, irresponsible, unlucky, etc one happend to be. A government that loved you unconditionally -- with the only real caveat being that you never, ever, questioned the divine correctness of that government and the premises of the cornucopia on which it stands. Nor would you have some other God that you considered greater than the wondrous government -- provider of all that is good to all, with no malice to any, except of course those that just will NOT get their minds right no matter how obvious the error of their ways is made.

A government that gave you birth control, abortions, cures for your venereal diseases, raised your illegitimate children and cared for you no matter how many lives you happened to damage as you careened in and out driven by the pleasure of the day.  A government that guaranteed you all the years in the womb of an education system studying anything from basket weaving to women's, minority, or deviant cultures, lifestyles or world views ... and then food, shelter, medical care, recreation and "a respectable income doing something you like" when you decided that academia was boring. Free internet, free drugs, free booze, free love, free self respect ... plus rehabilitation, counseling, analysis and more drugs if one of your "freedoms" turned out less well than you thought.

But, I believe there is a God, and a universe that contains imperfect and imperfect-able humans, incapable of creating a government that is effectively the human vision of a "good god" -- a "government god" that gives what we want with no conditions save acknowledgement of the government giving and gifts.  No rules, no payment, no downsides, no limits. Not my universe.

Strangely, my God is exactly that -- only heavenly. Gifts including his own Son, freely given to those that accept the gift. There is the angst of now having a desire to improve on my human self centered desires toward sin, but once having seen grace, it is hard to imagine wanting to just seek maxing out your wallowing potential.

But America has clearly voted for a "government god" in the belief that reality will not bite in the form of further economic collapse and/or a rudderless world drifting to a new world DISorder that likely includes nuclear exchanges or just destruction with Iran-Israel, Pakistan-India, N Korea - Japan, ???

The Franklin quote; "Those that trade liberty for security get neither" keeps running through my mind.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Krauthammer, Biggest Election Since '80

Charles Krauthammer: The choice - The Washington Post

A good one by Charles. I'd quibble with him on scope and Reagan effect ... "Progressivism" has been on the rise since 1900, and all Reagan did was slow it a bit. Rolling anything major back (FICA, Medicare, now Healthcare, etc) is work that remains to be done.

In 1980 we were not close to a 50/50 nation on government dependency, today, as Romney acknowledged in his 47% comment, we are.