Thursday, November 15, 2012

Demography, Destiny, Racism

Demography Is Destiny - Ann Coulter - Page 1:

How can it be that your race defines how you will vote? Is there ANY way that can be true other than assumptions about demography that are just as racist as Slavery and the subsequent Jim Crow South that the Democrats presided over for 100 years post slavery??

Hispanics especially, but certainly Orientals and even a significant percentage of Blacks believe in strong families, hard work, individual responsibility, religious faith, sanctity of life, etc ... "Republican" values, formerly known as American values.

BUT, they have been convinced to vote "tribally" ... they have been sold a bill of goods that it is REPUBLICANS that are "racist", while it is assumed that a group of people will continue in perpetuity to vote counter to their own beliefs because:
  1. They would be ashamed to vote "against their race". 
  2. Their race is ALWAYS going to be some sort of an underclass that is going to require a lot of government largesse. 
Unless one believes some races are actually inferior, is either we keep allowing in a large number of minorities that need massive government services. OR, if Democrats are able to perform the magic they have on Blacks on Hispanics by breaking up families through welfare and making them a permanently dependent subculture that is guaranteed to vote Democrat. Since Democrats are so certain of "Demography/Destiny", I have to assume they expect to keep open borders / massive welfare state forever??

Yes, Democrats clearly believe that non-whites are "racially incapable" of voting other than for entitlement. Do Republicans believe that?? I sure don't. It is up to Republicans to point out the racism in the Democrat message and assumptions and to win these segments to voting for the values that they actually agree with!!

What has and is being done to Blacks by the Democrat Party in this country -- from Slavery to Jim Crow, to Welfare Dependency is the greatest single tragedy of America. To allow it to happen to Hispanics is unconscionable!!

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