Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lose Arm or Leg??

My faith in the CBO is about the same as my faith in other government agencies, but one has to use SOMETHING for sources. It is pretty clear that the switch to Democrats in '07 was devastating, and the big reason for that is that the difference between the two parties is pretty much R - we drink a handle of vodka a day, D - we add a mixture of crack and heroin to the vodka.

Would you rather be a rose colored 58% of GDP in the hole or 90% in 2022?? I say "rose colored" because this doesn't count FICA, Medicare and a bunch of other stuff. We are ALREADY over 100% of GDP in the hole if you take the rosy glasses off just like our ACTUAL unemployment is well over 10% and well over 20% for folks in their 20s and 50s.

So now we have a decrepit economy and our choices really really suck. Left side, do the "responsible thing". Damned if you do. Right side, continue down the road to perdition. Damned if you don't. Like kicking smokes, booze, drugs, starting to exercise, taking up exercise, etc, on the "next day basis" (think "next 5 years" for country), doing the "right thing" sucks worse ... especially right away.

 The "Fiscal Cliff" is really just "a reasonable start". A "deal" ... like the completely stupid and useless 8 days of revenue from "taxing the rich" is just dropping a few more shots on your supposed way to quitting drinking. BUT ... as I've said before. Republicans, the current party of "being a drunk isn't as bad as being a drug addict" needs to clean up and start talking very straight.

 My advice is to give the Democrats what they want and start COMMUNICATING things like this chart about how really senseless their policies are, but in the interest of "compromise", here you go -- there is a congressional election in 2 years. If the D policies have worked, vote us out. If not, we would really like your consideration then and in 2016, providing there is anything recognizable as a nation left.

 Romney was right about the stuff, just wrong about the percentage. It isn't 47% takers, it is 50.x%". He clearly stated that he was NOT the candidate of stuff, and the American people said "give us our stuff". They want the binge to go on. Yes, the death of America is maybe already a reality and certainly likely with that approach, but the Republicans have become AT BEST enablers by marginally slowing the decline.

It is time for the nation to reach bottom, and either then seek a different course, or just cease.

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