Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Reality Votes

I've often said thought and felt that if it wasn't for reality, everyone would be a Democrat.

If there was no God, but a guarantee of a benevolent government to take care of you no matter how lazy, foolish, irresponsible, unlucky, etc one happend to be. A government that loved you unconditionally -- with the only real caveat being that you never, ever, questioned the divine correctness of that government and the premises of the cornucopia on which it stands. Nor would you have some other God that you considered greater than the wondrous government -- provider of all that is good to all, with no malice to any, except of course those that just will NOT get their minds right no matter how obvious the error of their ways is made.

A government that gave you birth control, abortions, cures for your venereal diseases, raised your illegitimate children and cared for you no matter how many lives you happened to damage as you careened in and out driven by the pleasure of the day.  A government that guaranteed you all the years in the womb of an education system studying anything from basket weaving to women's, minority, or deviant cultures, lifestyles or world views ... and then food, shelter, medical care, recreation and "a respectable income doing something you like" when you decided that academia was boring. Free internet, free drugs, free booze, free love, free self respect ... plus rehabilitation, counseling, analysis and more drugs if one of your "freedoms" turned out less well than you thought.

But, I believe there is a God, and a universe that contains imperfect and imperfect-able humans, incapable of creating a government that is effectively the human vision of a "good god" -- a "government god" that gives what we want with no conditions save acknowledgement of the government giving and gifts.  No rules, no payment, no downsides, no limits. Not my universe.

Strangely, my God is exactly that -- only heavenly. Gifts including his own Son, freely given to those that accept the gift. There is the angst of now having a desire to improve on my human self centered desires toward sin, but once having seen grace, it is hard to imagine wanting to just seek maxing out your wallowing potential.

But America has clearly voted for a "government god" in the belief that reality will not bite in the form of further economic collapse and/or a rudderless world drifting to a new world DISorder that likely includes nuclear exchanges or just destruction with Iran-Israel, Pakistan-India, N Korea - Japan, ???

The Franklin quote; "Those that trade liberty for security get neither" keeps running through my mind.

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