Friday, November 09, 2012

Use It Or Lose It??

There is going to be no interest in proving anything now by anyone in power in MN, and not at the federal level either since BO controls the judiciary, but there really is only one real reason to fight voter ID. 

You know there is massive fraud and you like it that way. In fact, your job and maybe even your freedom from the slammer depends on it. 

Oh sure,  those in power and the MSM can make up "disenfranchisement",  but with provisional ballots, that is a fantasy. For the sheep though, if their leaders make a noise they bleat it back. 

Apparently BO lost in every state that requires ID. I know, it proves nothing ... those states are likely more conservative and he would have lost there anyway.  Just a "factoid" ... like "the Koch brothers gave money to ...", or Mitt Romney's son had invested in some company that owned some company that made voting machines that were installed in OH. Oh, NPR had a 5min segment on that last one the day before the election because it was a "meme", and they were just saying it probably wasn't true ... repeating a meme is ALWAYS a great way toi quash it. Good thing the investment in Big Bird pays some dividends, 

One more in a long list of things there is just no curiosity about in the MSM ... you know, not like the important stuff like was W a good pilot, did Ronnie sleep in meetings, did HW know the price of a gal of milk when he was president, and could Dan Quayle spell potato. 

Oh, and did you know there is a "Fiscal Cliff" coming up?? I'll be darned -- now there was a story that just suddenly flashed up on the MSM radar Wednesday.  Good thing we spent a couple of billion to put exactly the same folks back at the levers of power that CREATED the fiscal cliff cuz they couldn't agree in the summer of '11, nor in the "double secret committee" later that year. 

Ah yes, the "free and unbiased press" ... making sure the folks in the nation that borrows 40% of it's existing budget and CURRENTLY has 10% of it's people pay 90% of the rest are all up to date on what's trump.

Oh, yes, now I guess there is a "mandate" for that 10% to pay more of the freight. They just aren't doing enough ... the greedy bastards!!

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