Thursday, November 08, 2012

Wallowing In Bitterness

Bitterfest 2012 - Jay Nordlinger - National Review Online

After Tuesday, reality based people deserve a little bitterness!!

This is well done, a few of the points made are right on with where I'm thinking:
  • Conservatives tend to be on the positive sided of pragmatism. To steal the title of the excellent Ridley book "Rational Optimists". Tuesday showed us that in the case of the US, this was unwarranted. 
  • The 100 year leftward slide goes on. The Statists of course call that "Progressive" ... progress. Ever larger government, ever smaller private liberty. Reagan was an oh so tiny slowing, now the dive for the left continues to accelerate. People were NOT duped as might have been claimed after '08. This time they had a clear choice and over half of the US went for GIMME THE STUFF!!

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