Sunday, December 02, 2012

Advent, Atheists, Accountability

The Real Root of Atheists' Anti-Christmas Rage - Doug Giles - Page 1

Most atheists don't really care so much about God, it is HELL that trips them up. They DO NOT want accountability, no way, no how. The idea that there is an eternal consequence to their arrogant faithlessness is where they break with the faithful, since it is obvious that an ultimate God would have ultimate rights to judge them, God must go!

But there is nothing new or courageous about rejecting God. It is part of the base human package and Satan is ever willing to assist us in that rejection.  We ALL reject God by our very nature. -- we want to be in charge, right, and have everyone acknowledge that!

Christ comes for each of us personally with the whole package. The faith to believe,  love for even those that hate us, and the joy of knowing that his ways are just beyond our imagining. Giles seems too strong on the judgement (law) and too weak on the Grace (gospel).

Atheist is just another word for human. Except through Grace, there is no faith, no love, no hope, no joy. So in this Advent season, we pray for  ourselves to remain in Grace, that all would allow the Good Shepard to find them,  and especially for those we love to allow the love and joy of Christ to bring them home to the fold.

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