Friday, January 18, 2013

And to the REPUBLIC!!

NRA's paranoid fantasy flouts democracy -

Why do we have a 2nd Amendment? Well, one reason is because some people live in a "paranoid fantasy".
These people talk a lot about liberty and freedom and love to call themselves patriots, but they seem to have a real problem with democracy. In a democracy, if people are proposing a law you don't like, you criticize it, you argue against it, you campaign against it, you vote against the politicians who support it. But if you believe in democracy, you don't threaten to start killing people if it passes. You don't say that if you don't like a new law, you'll start an insurrection to overthrow the government.
Uh, the US is a REPUBLIC, explicitly NOT a Democracy!! In a REPUBLIC, where there is rule of law rather than rule of mob. Things like the 2nd Amendment are ONLY to be changed via the CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT PROCESS!! "Voting on it" is NOT an option!!

This is on CNN. Don't these people have editors?? Before you start calling people "paranoid, extremist  etc", wouldn't it be wise to at least know the system of government of the country you live in??!!  If not, then how "paranoid" is it for someone to believe that they are going to need to use force to protect the rights that the REPUBLIC that they pledge allegiance to guarantees IN SPITE OF MAJORITY THINKING when a significant numer of our "elite" don't even have enough of a clue to know what our system of government actually is??

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