Sunday, January 20, 2013

Krauthammer, GOP Strategy

Charles Krauthammer: A new strategy for the GOP - The Washington Post

I think Charles calls this pretty well. My view is that the country is toast at this point for a good long while, if no permanently.  '14 is a likely Dem pickup in the House because the R's will still be "in blame range" for sure.

Likely odds, things are going to still suck in '14 -- Try to block, R fault, don't try to block, STILL R fault ... could have done MORE!!

Outside chance things get better, certainly "all BO, in spite of R's".

Bottom line is that you can't govern with just the House as Charles says.

The VERY best that can be done is to make it clear that D's haven't done so much as pass a budget out of the Senate since '09 which they are LEGALLY MANDATED TO DO. Ho hum, our MSM could care less about a D breaking the law.

Little tiny symbolic message things are about the best that can be accomplished. It is a sad state of affairs, but things have to get MUCH worse now before there is even a tiny prospect of them getting better!

Naturally the far right will see this as a betrayal and it will increase their desire to push candidates that won't win and fail to vote for what they see as the WAY too "RINIOish" R establishment.

In many ways I agree with their sentiments, I just don't see that strategy as doing anything helpful either short or long term except possibly making a few far righties "feel better". However I strongly doubt if even that is true. No matter what is done, they will see it as "not enough". They are like the "stimulus, spend / regulate" folks except from the opposite side!

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