Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Truth Is Eternal

Good column, unfortunately it is RAISED, not "raising" -- we are neck and neck with Europe on kids living at home,  depression, suicide and general meaninglessness in life. There is plenty of research that shows that Western Culture had it right for at least 500 years, but we decided to blow it and "start over" in the 20th Century and especially post WWII.

The train to oblivion runs on -- but after the crash, as in after the Dark Ages, there will be a decent chance that the requirement for Religion, Philosophy, Dialectic, Rhetoric ... manners, culture, responsibility and actual vs imagined personal growth. Probably only a few hundred or at worst few thousand years of despair to get back on our feet. The next Ice Age will pretty much guarantee a "reset" on a lot of "modern wisdom".
Distractions, however, are temporary, and the truth is eternal. Watch for an epidemic of depression and suicidality, not to mention homicidality, as the real self-loathing and hatred of others that lies beneath all this narcissism rises to the surface. I see it happening and, no doubt, many of you do, too.

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