Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why "Fake Founders Gun Quotes Matter"

Did Jefferson really say that? Why bogus quotations matter in gun debate -

Why does the MSM do this type of a column? I can think of no other reason that to have the headline give the impression that many quotes from the Founders on guns are fake and DO matter.

However, if you actually read it, it only really tries to debunk a single quote, and even for that one it points out that there is conflicting information and that he quote is in fact in line with Jefferson's clear position on guns. It also points out:

Stephen Halbrook, an attorney and author of the book "The Founders' Second Amendment," said he doesn't understand why someone would want to use a fake quotation.
"For years I've seen bogus quotes on gun issues in the Internet," he said. "Since the Founding Fathers were so positive on Second Amendment rights, I couldn't understand why anyone would feel compelled to invent quotes."
Halbrook said Jefferson was a big supporter of the right to own firearms.

OK, so most of the "fake quotes" are in line with the Founders thinking, and for the supposed "many" fakes (one possible "fake" is listed), there are many more available than are real. 

So is the conclusion of the article that fake quotes don't really matter because they in  fact convey what the founders said, only in a shorter version? Maybe, that would be a logical conclusions of just reading the whole thing. They just don't say. 

So my view is that the purpose is to make it seem that there are a lot of REALLY fake quotes out there that mislead people on what the intent of the Founders actually was, when in fact by their own admission the supposed fakes are NOT misleading, and the ONE they point out is very accurate in actual meaning. 

So the article is simply a head fake. 

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