Friday, February 22, 2013

The Results of Gun Control in the US

The nation’s toughest gun-control law made Massachusetts less safe - Opinion - The Boston Globe

Perhaps you are a believer in Gun Control, and you dismiss Chicago, DC and NYC because "the guns must come in from outside".
Relative to the rest of the country, or to just the states on its borders, Massachusetts since 1998 has become a more dangerous state. Economist John Lott, using FBI crime data since 1980, shows how dramatic the contrast has been. In 1998, Massachusetts’s murder rate equaled about 70 percent of the rate for Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York. Now it equals 125 percent of that rate.
How can you "blame the neighbors", when they have less gun control but are doing BETTER than you are??

Much like Doctors and Engineers, it would be wise to "first do no harm". Had crime dropped after the last AR / magazine ban in '94, then rocketed up upon it expiring  in '04, or upon the passage of Concealed Carry in 40+ states, is there any doubt whatsoever that those damning statistics would be streaming from every news outlet and politicians mouth in the land? I think not -- since those statistics show clearly that the ban going on and off had no effect, nor did Concealed Carry (unless it reduced violence, but I prefer to believe in both cases that the trend was down and neither action had significant effect).

How many have to die in Chicago, DC, Boston, NYC, etc before we look at the facts and leave behind the wishful thinking that criminals are going to respect gun laws?? If you are willing to murder, why would you be bothered by illegally obtaining a gun?

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