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Beyond Gay Marriage

Opinion: Gay marriage, then group marriage? -

This article reinforces a couple of my  base views on "liberal/progressive" thought:

  1. The "progressive / liberal" agenda never ends, one must ALWAYS ask "whats next?" They will continue to push toward an unstated "utopia" that is some foggy amalgam of zero personal responsibility but total "freedom" that lies in an undefined society somewhere between a primitive state of nature and a completely totalitarian state existence (maybe at the same time!). They are totally unsure ... but they are absolutely certain it isn't where they are now and it CAN be reached!

  2. "Progressives / liberals" think like a psychotic shotgun "Doctor" that never went to med school, cracked an anatomy book, and is 100% arrogant in the face of the complexity of the human body with no concept of "First, do no harm".  Doing a removal of the brain to "cure" a hangnail would be taken on with relish and utter confidence. If the results were less than optimal, they would unabashedly say "well, we HAD to try SOMETHING"!!! while rushing off to proudly dissect the next patients heart on a complaint of bunions.

    The only problem with this analogy is that it is far too kind.  There are about the same number of neural connections in one of our brains as there are atoms in the universe. Human thought, consciousness, interaction and culture are so much more complex and less understood than our physical bodies and universe. Thus,  the "Doctor" analogy is WAY too simplistic by many orders of magnitude.

    This means that the odds of "good outcomes" as liberals randomly hack at whatever cultural artifacts currently fail to suit their wishful fantasies make my "Doctor" seem intelligent and prudent in comparison. 
The obvious is stated near the end of the article:

Redefining marriage would, by further eroding its central norms, weaken an institution that has already been battered by widespread divorce, out-of-wedlock child bearing and the like.
Well, duh! One of the favorite liberal taunts about "Gay Marriage" is "Why are you so afraid of it? It isn't going to have any effect on YOUR marriage"!! 

Indeed. Letting the "Doctor" in my analogy above work on masses of people ... say "the Jews", isn't going to "hurt me" either. Well, not physically at least -- but one would hope that adults might think just a bit deeper than the philosophical equivalent of a playground taunt. "Liberals" are really Statists, and Fascism is a form of Statism as is Communism, so we have already lost 100's of millions of people to "liberal social Doctors"  in the last century. Liberals seem appalled at losing 20 kids in Connecticut, yet the loss of 100s of millions through their random cultural experimentation gives them not a moments pause, let alone the loss of 60 million to abortion. 

As I watch the liberal agenda careen around the landscape, I struggle to maintain the maxim "never postulate malicious motives when mere stupidity can possibly suffice".  It is the randomness of their positions that forces me to wonder if they don't HAVE to actually be trying to commit the cultural / political equivalent of mass serial killing, as if my "Doctor" above took an axe to millions to "heal them". 

To wit: 
  • On the environment we must be absolutely conservative on the basis of theorized warming on the smallest of even theorized warming degree potential (eg. < 1 degree in next 100 years)  -- the planet is FRAGILE!
  • On things like gay marriage, economic motivations for work, the destruction of religion, etc we can be agressive and BOLD ... culture and human behavior is uncomplicated and infinitely malleable. Even though the planet with life on it has been here for billions of years, we humans with multiple cultures, at best a few thousand years old are FAR more resilient !!
  • On abortion, there is no such thing as "killing", and we can abort for any reason whenever  "the woman chooses" ... and they always choose wisely! For killing animals, changing habitat, etc though we must be VERY conservative -- and increasingly it ought to be flat out prohibited!. Animal life deserves total foreknowledge and the most restrained policies imaginable. 
  • "Tolerance" is critical! Especially when applied to the most INtolerant of current religions, Islam. However, in the case of Christianity, it is OK to be 100% INtolerant as a culture -- it isn't really "freedom from religion" that is sought, it is "Freedom from CHRISTIANITY"!! ... but that is just fine and gives no liberal any pause at all. 
One could go on forever, but all this basically just confirms my bedrock understanding of the liberal mind; CONSISTENCY IS NOT AN ISSUE!! 

Again, except when making the application of the hypocrisy charge against a conservative and especially a Christian! But that just proves my point!  The concept of consistency just doesn't exist in a liberal brain -- mentally, they simply lack a mirror when it comes to consistency.

Thus they choose policies and positions as a puppy chooses what to chew on, but  once selected, they hold each with the reverence of the most holy writ! 

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