Sunday, March 03, 2013

Biggest Income Drop in 20 Years

Americans see biggest one-month decline in income in 20 years - Mar. 1, 2013:

The BO "recovery" rolls on.

So 20 years ago, Slick Willie had not yet been kneecapped by the '94 selection and was in the midst of trying to do SlickCare (a kinder, gentler BOcare), raising taxes, regulating business and causing uncertainty. Just like BO and the Dems in '09.

The world is actually pretty boring -- the same simple stuff just keeps on operating and always has, technology just makes the same stuff work a little easier and faster, which is great if you do the right stuff, but really sucks if you do the wrong stuff. A drunk in a Vette is way more dangerous than a drunk walking.

Tax it if you want less of it, subsidize it if you want more of it.

So we keep taxing genius, productivity and wealth creation and get less of them. We subsidize stupidity, sloth, and wasting money, and indeed, we get lots more of them. But hey, hard working successful people are kind of boring dorks, and the dumber ones know how to relax and throw a heck of a party. Maybe if we just ignore all the bad news the party can roll on??

Twenty years ago, we got smart and elected the first Republicam Congress in 50 years after Slick fouled the pool. Slick "triangulated" indicating "The era of big government wss over", did NAFTA, did Welfare Reform, let business make money. So, after just a brief lefty induced pause, America grew on and Slick even got re-elected and got a bunch of credit for being drug kicking and screaming to a balanced budget. It was a beautiful thing, and made the '95-'08 nearly as good as the '80s.

This time we failed the stupid test. We did the rebound election fine in '10, but BO is a tougher case than the Slickster. Slick was fine with big hair ladies and "special  personal services", with no big ideas about the destruction of the old fashioned America that burned a lot of fuel, made a lot of money, and had a lot of wealthy folks. That was all OK with Slick as long has he "got some" too ... in more ways than one. He is worth like $300M now, and back then he was penniless and had been living in government housing his whole life.

BO is operating on "Dreams from his Father" -- the "Colonialists / Imperialists" (UK and US) have to be destroyed. They have to lie buried next to Daddy and Grandaddy in the yellow earth of Kenya -- well figuratively at least. I'm sure it is OK as long as the "Yellow Power" of China consigns that white mans "Western Civilization" to the "Dustbin of History".  BO let Daddy and Grandaddy get all the ladies and booze -- he is one focused SOB, and in the very best ever position to "Git er Dun"!

So we bought the false promise of "Give us our STUFF!!", and the 4Q of '12 was negative growth, now January is the biggest income drop since Slick Willie was in power. Only this is a drop from "sucketh already", that was a drop from "Happy Days".  Old Ben is still right, "Those that trade liberty for security get neither"!!

Well America, stupid is STILL as stupid does ...

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