Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cold Dead Civility

Jim Carrey's 'Cold Dead Hand' Music Video Spoofs Gun Enthusiasts Like Charlton Heston (VIDEO):

I don't recommend watching this, it completely lacks in comedic or redeeming value.

It won't be long now before someone on the right "insensitively" mentions "targeted something", or "binders of women", or questions the "patriotism"of burning the flag, or some new "hate laced and uncivil statement" and we will all be treated to a discussion of the how "coarse the debate has become in this country", and "why can't we come together".

The Jim Carrey wing of the "lefty popular" culture has always had plenty to say -- usually  in as raucous,  nasty, irreverent and sophomoric an approach as they can possibly muster. They feel great as they bravely poke one in the eye of the dead! Oh, and for the living, Carrey has an armed bodyguard -- no need to prove your proud manhood with the living!

What is new, and disturbing to the left is that on occasion there are folks like Beck, or Limbaugh, or maybe even "once or somewhat current" stars like Heston, Eastwood, etc that leave the reservation and stand for something that they believe in that isn't in lock step with the Statist Establishment.

When they speak, HuffPo lectures them and us. When Carrey spews,  we get the snide "The NRA won't like this".

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