Saturday, March 30, 2013

Give Us Gay Marriage!

The reducio ad absurdum of American constitutional jurisprudence | Power Line:

The irony of Gay "marriage" being argued before the SCOTUS during Holy Week struck me a number of times this past week, but it really dawned on me during the tenebrae service last night. "Give Us Barabas"!! The cry has changed slightly, but the spirit is identical.  All the FB pages turning color might just as well as been the crowd as Pilate passed judgment.

What shall be done with the Christians??  Crucify Them! Crucify Them! Not quite yet, but they will get around to it, they always do.

God's law must be thrown down for the desires of man. What then? Well, as Strauss said, "Once everything is relative, then cannibalism is only a matter of taste".

The left and the atheists often trot out the "God is Dead!" cry of Nietzsche as if it was a cry of triumph on the order of "The wicked witch is dead!".  No, it was a LAMENT, like the women wailing as Christ was on the cross. If God is dead, then there is no moral order. Morals are relative, which means they are controlled by the STRONG! (the pure Aryan Superman for Nietzsche)  Gay "marriage" is as strong a cry as possible for NO LIMITS to our desires! The re-election of "Yes We Can!" BO was another recent example.

As this all unravels, nobody ought to be surprised when no limits turns out to mean no limits!

Naturally, the left assumes that will either be "the people", or "the benevolent elite" ... as in SCOTUS, Federal Government and Bureaucracy. Game over, match, set, point -- the "progressive" project has won and utopia has arrived. Long live utopia!  

Nietzsche knew, and all of us should have figured it out after Stalin, Hitler, Mao, etc and 100's of millions dead, that "the strong" are really not at all guaranteed to be "benevolent". Our founders knew it well ... they had just escaped from oppression by government.

The US Constitution says NOTHING about Marriage for ANYONE. Nor should it. It doesn't say anything about parenting, gardening or nutrition either. The basic idea of the US was LIMITED government. It freed people from oppressive government to give them equal opportunity  to do all sorts of things. It once worked extremely well!

Gay "marriage" for the bankrupt lotus eaters in CA? Sure, it's their funeral. An idea so good it has to be mandatory for all 50 states?? It ought not even be a topic of serious discussion by anyone that would pledge allegiance to something called America.

The FIRST modern Gay "marriage" recognized as "marriage" was in Netherlands in 2001. The institution of Marriage as being between a man and one or more women is thousands of years old! As nearly as we understand culture, it is based off memes  / epigenetic rules that take at least many hundreds of years to develop. The planet has handled all manner of shocks for the past few Billion  years, yet the left feigns terror over the "fragile" climate -- compared to culture, the climate is robust, emergent even -- actually getting BETTER when challenged. Just like our bodies do (try laying in bed for a month).

We are operating in 100% the opposite way we need to operate on multiple fronts -- commonly called a Death Spiral!  It has been seen before -- the last time someone in a culture flaunted Gay "marriage", it was Nero, and the Roman Empire was due to fall. Why??

People and economies are emergent. They get better with stress, in fact they only live within bounded stress!! If you remove their stress, they die. Stop moving, stop facing emotional tests, stop learning, and you will shortly die. Attempt to take  away risk in an economy, attempt to make it more "predictable", and it will die! So, we as a nation are hell bent to make our lives and our economy SAFE and PREDICTABLE. We will, that answer is called DEATH!

Society and culture are fragile. They they are products of lots of trial and error and full of "unintended consequences" when meddled with.

People and economies are like liquor sales during prohibition. Culture is like your wife's favorite china plate. We have figuratively legalized liquor and are in fact supplying free booze to all -- so the virtual "rum runners" of working people and businesses aren't doing very well. Meanwhile, gay "marriage" is the cultural equivalent of playing frisbee with the favorite china plate!

Our prospects suck.

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