Friday, March 22, 2013

If Only it was Branding

Most Americans Agree with GOP on the Issues... Until They Find Out the Republicans Support Them | Independent Journal Review:

Some look at this and say "We need a fig leaf", I look at this and say "They ate the apple".

As many of us realized in the last election, the Democrats/MSM have succeeded in labeling Republicans as evil, but unsurprisingly, the common sense of a large majority of people is still intact.

So far!

90% of our news media, education, all of the music industry save maybe a bit of Country and even huge swaths of many of our churches are and have been pounding the Statist Progrom into the brains of especially the young since at least the 60's. If you broke these numbers down, I'd bet dollars to donuts that a lot of the no common sense folks would be < 40.

"Ideas have Consequences" (great book BTW). Most likely at this late stage this situation is going to get WORSE before it gets better. The people that didn't see the malaise of the '70s move to "Morning in America" in the '80s with at least 20+ year life experience at the time completely don't get it!! We ALL are going to have to SUFFER in order to turn the tide AT BEST.

The unfortunate likelihood is that the final few remaining embers of  freedom ... the tattered Constitution, mostly the 2nd Amendment, the mostly all ready gone states rights will be sniffed out and liberty will die. It was always an experiment and a long shot. It was NOT a Democracy but a Republic -- but the propensity of "the certain" to buy the votes of the masses with the treasure of the successful has been stronger than our founders fully envisioned. Regressivism (mis-named "progressivism") has pretty much won. It isn't new ... Liberty was new. Tyranny is as old as mankind.

BUT, if God sees fit to be merciful beyond imagination ... and this is indeed the season for it, we must be absolutely certain to not let the forces of chaos educate the children next time!!  Once the state controls education, they are just waiting for the harvest!

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