Monday, March 25, 2013

Opinion: Why do TV critics hate Jay Leno? -

Opinion: Why do TV critics hate Jay Leno? -

Gee, why does the elite hate Leno?

Well, middle America, the "masses" love him, so the elites hate him! They want the bourgeoisie to love THEM!! The fact that a guy like Jay that is still way left, but not "PURE left enough"  (he has the gall to make fun of BO) is loved shows the elite that "more education" (maybe at gunpoint) is needed before the unwashed masses quit clinging to their religion, guns and cars (Jay likes cars too, another mark against him) .
But here's the thing: Leno doesn't appeal to anyone but the viewers. At least those who live west of the Hudson River and east of the Santa Monica Mountains. He does broad comedy and hardly wields the kind of cutting-edge style favored by the bicoastal elites. But much of America likes him.
Does the 62-year-old comic skew old? Well, he's been beating Kimmel and David Letterman even in the coveted 18-to-49 demo.
Consider the above the next time you want to believe "there is no liberal bias, it is all just about money".

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