Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stomp on Jesus

'Stomp On Jesus' Controversy At Florida Atlantic University Draws Gov. Rick Scott's Involvement (VIDEO):

This didn't get a lot of coverage, although I suspect if it had been "Stomp on Mohammad" or "Stomp on N-wordS" at a Christian affiliated school, we would ALL know about it in EXTREME detail!!

Uh, "the point" ... apparently, words and symbols have power! News at 11!

Perhaps a discussion of how many millions of dollars a commercial costs at the Superbowl and some other SLIGHTLY less offensive exercise could have sufficed? Like maybe write YOUR NAME ... or your favorite team's name? ... or maybe just "Obama"? No wait, THAT would be BOTH racist and HORRIBLY offensive!!

I imagine the MSM is convinced that the name "Jesus" was just a random choice?

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