Thursday, March 07, 2013

Tea Party Extremists Killing Federal Workers

Media Bias, Tea Party Extremists Killing Federal Workers Edition | Washington Free Beacon

I have a vague remembrance of this and I post it only so in case it ever comes up again in some context (as these apocryphal incidents often do), I have increased my chances of being able to reference the truth vs the myth.

I also found this paragraph to be pretty much a direct quote of my view ... with this correction "you ask to see a DEMOCRAT cabinet nominee's ..."

When it comes to media bias, I try not to get too worked up. It’s bound to happen in an industry so monolithically dominated by Democrats and liberals. But I couldn’t help but feel the rage boil up as I read Schapiro’s (excellent*) piece this morning. Just remember: If you ask to see a cabinet nominee’s speeches or financial records, you’re a McCarthyite. But if you accuse a political movement of inspiring murder based on no evidence whatsoever, well, no big deal.
Appointees "serve at the pleasure of the president" for Ds ... for R's, the confirmation process needs to be very thorough, and even "the appearance of impropriety" ought to be disqualifying!

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