Sunday, March 31, 2013

Unsettled Science?

Climate science: A sensitive matter | The Economist:

Few concepts are as abhorrent to a thinking person as "Settled Science". Science is never "settled", because although one of it's base theories is that we live in a stable universe where experiments are likely to be repeatable, the very strength of the scientific method is that it is ALWAYS open to discovery!

Somewhere along the way, Science decided that technical "success" translated to thinking that it was well armed to comment on topics vastly beyond it's pay grade. Science and it's step-child Engineering can give us the plans for nuclear reaction -- but cannot by it's methods provide even a hint as to the values of using that knowledge for a weapon, power source, or to lock it away and look at it no farther.

The topic is "sensitive" because to the Economist  and all "intelligent people that follow as good liberal sheep", the very idea there could be a "question" on what was declared "settled" is "sensitive" in the extreme.

To actual Scientists and people of reason, the "news" that the multi-billion year old earth is more complicated than Al Gore and friends believed is not even remotely surprising.
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