Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What the Left Has Planned for You

The Great Society's Next Frontier:

This is a good read if you want to understand what the left has in store.

 Their base (false) assumption is that "the country will get richer" ... with massive debt, an aging population, jobs fleeing offshore, and their constant work to punish work and reward sloth, the US will STILL get richer. Gotta have faith, those upper 20% folks are stupid workhorses just like Boxer in Animal Farm!!

No doubt it will work SUPER, just like Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Japan, France, etc.

Oh, and the 401K that you worked so hard to put money into??

The government currently gives large tax breaks to private retirement savings accounts like 401(k)s, breaks that overwhelmingly go to the top 20 percent of workers. It could instead use its resources to provide a universal IRA with an automatic enrollment to all Americans, as well shifting 401(k)s over to a public-private, defined-benefit plan. This would boost the savings of those with less income while also providing greater retirement security. 
Damn, those evil "top 20%" ... they keep working hard, they keep saving, they keep investing wisely, they keep building businesses, they keep raising kids that do better, DAMN THEM!!! 

Well, taking their 401K and making it a "public-private defined-benefit plan" ought to fix their wagon!!

Will it work? All depends on how fast the current policies cause it to be obvious that there are limits to debt and theft of income that result in national financial ruin and the inability to keep paying for "guaranteed" income, retirement, healthcare, education, childcare, etc, etc. 

Socialism lasts until you run out of other peoples money INCLUDING the money of future generations. Maybe in the modern version the last person has to quit working and be standing in line with their hand out as well before the country figures out "hey, there is nobody left making the soup, we are screwed!". 

The folks writing this article will be SHOCKED on that fine day. 

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