Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tebow Comes Out!

Tim Tebow Can Be Great, Just Not in the NFL | Bleacher Report:

Oh, wait, he already has come out ... as a Christian. That makes him "controversial".  He had been declared unfit for the NFL immediately upon entry as I talked about in "Christian Hate Speech".

Does ANYONE really think it is "courageous" to come out as Gay today? Could ANYONE write something like this about whatever his name unknown from the equally unknown Wizzards who recently came out as "the first openly gay person in US professional sports"?? (with a glowing banner headline on CNN).

We have pretty much descended to Roman times without the lions (yet) ... Note, real lions, not the Motor City Kitties!

Bring on the debauchery, throw the Christians to the MSM!!!

The lions were more fair minded!

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Monday, April 29, 2013

W Still Right, Saddam Still Dead

Iraq 10 years later: George W. Bush is still right | Washington Times Communities:

Wow, just read it. Very well done.

We all know if Saddam had still been in power in '04, that would have been a Kerry campaign centerpiece. Having the media on your side means you can say anything and get away with it!

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Our Dying Troops Forgotten

iCasualties | Operation Enduring Freedom | Afghanistan:

Remember when showing pictures of grieving military families and the caskets coming back from overseas was an extremely high media priority? Remember when each and every loss of a solider was front page news, and when it was in your state, it was both local and national news?

This completely proves that for the left and the MSM, the "anti-war" posture was COMPLETELY politically motivated. Whatever their protestations, they care not one whit for the actual troops -- BO could slaughter as many as he wanted in any way he saw fit for a good long while and they would be silent or even cheering.

Take a look at the following and then try to recall when the last time you have seen ANYTHING on troops lost on Afghanistan? Can we really be SO BRAINWASHED that we as a people get whipsawed about by an MSM intent on bringing down W, so hammering the pain of each casualty home in searing headline reports, yet INSTANTLY putting on a virtual news blackout of loses as BO takes power.

If electing BO a 2nd time didn't make it obvious, this clearly should. We have COMPLETELY lost our ability to govern ourselves.

499 soliders lost in 2010. A congressional election year. I never knew. Each 1K milestone under W was a "story of the week" for the MSM. Casualties in Afghanistan were especially bad ... because W had "taken his eye off the ball" there, and was busy "fighting the wrong war". Kerry and then BO promised "we can do better"! They were COMMITTED to WIN "the right war".

310 Americans lost last year. Be honest, did you have ANY idea??

1577 lost since BO took office. Remember when Kerry was hammering on "who will be the last man to die for a lost cause in Iraq"?  Well?? He is Sec of State now!! Are we "winning" in Afghanistan? Does anyone even care??

"Better" meaning drastically INCREASE casualties with no evidence of increased success against Al Qaeda or the Taliban? I only thought of this today because I'd seen some postings on FB of units that had been especially hard hit the last couple months in Afghanistan and had lost 5 and 10 guys in very elite tight knit units -- they were asking for help and for people to take notice.

I'm ashamed. How hard it is to pay attention to "absence of evidence" and to realize it complete is NOT "evidence of absence". We are ALL, me very much included, so very easily led by the MSM that it is completely humbling and VERY disturbing!

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French Spring??

A French “Oui” for Gay Marriage? Not So Fast | Power Line:

Wow, civil unrest in France? A backlash against "gay marriage" in that most sophisticated of European nations? Why, this would seem to be a story!

No? Interesting ... Powerline covers it superbly here, I love the assertions on what the media is probably up to and thus missing this important topic!

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Gay Cheerleading

A personal sexual preference is headline news? I thought that Gay was supposed to be "just like everyone else, no big deal"?? 

Why this is almost as big a news event as Tiger Woods "coming out" as "completely not monogamous" ... although that also did a good job dissing "tired old Judaeo Christian ethics", so why wasn't it celebrated as heartily?

Not that there as ever any doubt, but we can certainly see that the MSM has no desire that being Gay be in any way "equal" with being heterosexual. Being Gay is clearly supposed to be celebrated and trumpeted from the rooftops -- where being heterosexual, even getting married like Michael Jordan, (ironically on the same page) is much lower priority news well down the sidebar! 

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Wrong About Ricin Case

Ricin case resembles a Mississippi tall tale:

I discovered a strange case where the MSM in the US has decided to NOT make the indication that the alleged perpetrator is a Republican. I had to do some searching to discover the apparent political leanings of Everett Dutschke which something like 90% means "Democrat" when the topic is "something bad". So my rule failed in this case!

It seems that the ricin caper is a comedy of inept and weird southern vendetta. The British tabloid media seems to be enjoying it far more than the US ... feud between an accused child molester and an Elvis Impersonator in Tupelo MS. Hard to beat that for "weird news of the world"!

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hoping For the Next Newton

Round Two for Gun Control May Take a ‘Next Newtown’ - NationalJournal.com:

Republicans need only try to get the deficit under $1T these days before we get a huge chorus from the MSM saying  "they want the economy to fail so that Obama will be blamed".

No chance someone could believe that incentives for hard work, fiscal responsibility, less inflationary politics, etc could POSSIBLY produce better economic results! Nope, Republicans are mean spirited political ideologues, and even though they tend to be hard workers, investors, and have kids and grandkids, they completely and ONLY care about "making Obama look bad". How could anyone who has invested in the country and a family POSSIBLY care about the future?

We well know that caring about the future is the sole domain of folks that aborted their kids or wrote two autobiographies before they were 50! Those are the folks that care about the future of America more than temporary expediency or personal political gain!!

Why, I'd have to be the insane right wing looney that I am to think any different!

Can ANYONE look at this and not believe that there are not a TON of folks on the left that WANT to see another Newtown?? Heck, they are willing to essentially say that in a HEADLINE!! No chance at all I suppose that there could be some crazy lefty out there that is right now "girding his loins" to head out and shoot up some grade school ... or maybe nursery this time if the committed gun grabbers are "lucky".

Why is it that the often MSM makes me sick again??

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How Politics Works

Michael Ramirez Cartoon:

We have all seen this happen locally. The classic is the school when short of money starts cutting athletic or music programs that have heavy emotional support, and explains "that's what cuts mean". They don't cut monstrous administration salaries, reduce administrative personnel, increase some of the class sizes at Jr High and HS, etc. They take actions that are guaranteed to get people up in arms ASAP. 

Local government is much the same. Hold some key local need hostage until the pet bonding or tax levy that allows pork and featherbedding as usual to go on or even increase. Just go take a walk through your local courthouse, county government center or other similar facility and think about the thought that "government has been cut to the bone". 

This is why our founders worked so hard to LIMIT the Federal Government. They had studied human  nature and history, and they were dealing with a government ruled by a King. They knew government was necessary, but realized that it was very difficult to control, even at the LOCAL level. 

The BO FAA ploy is classic. Refuse to deal with the elected representatives of the people, suggest the idea of sequestration, get the tax increases on the wealthy that you had indicated were what you were after, and then continue to refuse to deal on spending. When the sequestration that you wanted comes to pass and really doesn't make that much difference after all, push in any way you can to make it as painful as you possibly can, independent of the harm it causes to the economy or to individuals. 

You are just going to successfully blame it on the other party anyway and probably even pick up control of the House in the next election because,  just as in 1776, lawless despotism works!

 For the despot!

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

FAA Furlough Fact Free Fury

FAA furlough reprieve: 'No fair!' - Apr. 26, 2013:

First, let's get the salient point out, this quote is in response to the claim that the BO admin is just trying to make things as painful as possible for political purposes:

The FAA’s budget backs that theory. According to FAA budget documents, the agency’s budget request for the 2013 fiscal year was $15.146 billion. The FAA’s actual, post-sequestration budget for FY 2013 was $15.371 billion — $225 million more than requested, as Phil Kerpen at American Commitment noted Thursday.
So, there are two potential reasons for the supposedly sequestration caused furloughs: 

  1. Gross incompetence. The FAA requested over $225 million less than they needed to operate, and that ONLY came to light after the sequestration. 
  2. This is a political ploy to make people "feel the pain" of sequestration. 

What I find even more interesting is the left screaming "no fair" on even the phony "deal" to get the controllers back to work. They want "all or nothing". Either ALL the funding comes back, or NONE of it!!

With that logic, we can't possibly govern ourselves. The whole idea of budgets is making intelligent choices about where and how much to spend based on priorities and trade-offs. Take that away and one would get a government spending trillions, borrowing trillions and taxing the economy into oblivion on auto-pilot. 

Oh, wait ... 

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Friday, April 26, 2013

I Miss W

CURL: W outclasses Barack and Bill, without even trying - Washington Times:

Had to throw in a little rah rah after the W Presidential Library opening. Reagan was certainly better, but no question that W was the 2nd best President of my lifetime. From 2000-2006, America still had hope for a better tomorrow, but we let ourselves down in '06 and elected Democrats to both houses of congress, and it ias been downhill HARD ever since.

My sense is that we have no hope of pulling out of this decline without domestic violence of a sort not seen since the Civil War, economic collapse to a level we have never seen -- making the Depression seem mild by comparison, and probably a major war with more loss of life than WWII ... it could be worse than that, but I'm somewhat of an optimistic realist.

But we had one final shot, W did his very best, we just blew it as a people.

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MA State Support of Terror

Patrick administration refuses to release Tsarnaev brothers' records | Boston Herald:

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!  Provide folks room and board, they take a vacation in Russia and come back and bomb you.

Remember, the reason that people hate America is because we are just not "generous and caring enough"!

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

NY Mag Classy Insights on W

Bush: Terrible President, Also Not a Smart Man -- Daily Intelligencer:

On the very day of the opening of your enemies Presidential Library, when four ex-pres, two of which pretty much hate him (Carter and Omama) are willing to show up and be civil (KUDOS!!) , it make a significant statement to be out beating the "W is a dummy" drum!.

Since it is obvious that W is stupid and was a terrible president, completely obvious that the NY Rag and old J Chait are super intelligent, urbane, and immensely competent, I can only imagine what is on tap for tomorrow!

Earth not flat, penis enlargement pills fake???

Since they wanted to put in some cherry picked videos to prove their point on the stupidity, here is the master of numeric intelligence waxing eloquent ...


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Congress Angles for BOcare Exemption

Lawmakers, aides may get Obamacare exemption - John Bresnahan and Jake Sherman - POLITICO.com:

"Shocking". Here is BOcare, the greatest boon to healthcare in the history of mankind and our elected officials are looking for a way out.

No big story here,  move along!

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Not All Terrorists are Muslim

Government Wants 45 Years for Would-Be Mass Murderer | Power Line:

No, some are left wing homosexuals that attack people that disagree with their beliefs.

Had this attack been on an abortion clinic or a left-wing organization, "Floyd Corkins" would be famous, and we would know A LOT about this attack and trial.

I can't possibly see how any of the press could be held accountable for rhetoric relative to Chick-fil-A that could have precipitated an idea like killing the folks and then rubbing a Chick-fil-a sandwich in their face.

Not nearly so clear as Sarah Palin using "targeted" in an ad relative to "causing" the Gabby Giffords shooting ... those Republicans REALLY have to clean up their militaristic rhetoric!

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Monday, April 22, 2013

The Defense of the Indefensible

Why Does Evil Make Liberals Stupid? | Power Line:

I happened to touch on the main column covered by PL in this blog.

This is worth a read. The point that PL does NOT make here is that if the bombers had turned out to be in  ANY way "right wing", or even if they had just been nuts, and opened up with an AK-47 at the finish line the inability to deal with evil and thus the fall to incoherency would not have happened.

If the bombing had in any way been "right wing", **EVIL**!!!!!!  would be shouted from the rooftops and COMPLETELY connected with "Fox News, Talk Radio, Conservative Bloggers, Republicans, the NRA, Christians hating gay marriage, etc, etc" ... now? There is just no way for a liberal to understand the complexity of it all.

In fact, as we saw in both the bombing and ricin case, the MSM could barely contain their hopeful rage in either case that it WOULD turn out to be "right wing". They MUCH more enjoy being able to pound on what they see as the SOLE source of evil in the world, rather than having to drift into inconsolable incoherency in defense of the indefensible.

MSM Discovers % of GDP

Deficits are falling. For now - Apr. 22, 2013:

Wow, the MSM is using deficit as a % of GDP, things must be REALLY bad! Of course, bad old me has always declared that a number without context is meaningless ... if I say 1 Billion, and it is the size of your bar bill, then that is on the large size. If it is the size of your hard drive, today it is minuscule, in the early '90s it would have been big ... etc.

The chart I included shows why they nearly never use it ... Because it puts things in context, and when all you want to do is beat on your "enemies", the Republicans, the LAST thing you want to do is put something in context!!

The very sad part of looking at my chart is to realize that the "trend was our freind" after the massive fix it took under Reagan to get the country moving again. The trend in deficits as a % of GDP was generally DOWN ... because of GROWTH! When the economy sputtered, another wave up happened, but when it grew, we produced revenue that allowed the trend to continue DOWN!

YES! That is very much a "rosy view", so shoot me.  It would have required continued pro-growth policies, difficult entitlement reform like Newt and company pushed through in the late '90s, etc, BUT we HAD A FUTURE!!

CNN's chart leaves out historical context and is "rosy and on LSD". They would like to believe that some "minor BO tweaking" to entitlements will right the ship, but the real problem is the anti-growth for anything but Government agenda. Government is an EXPENSE!

The chart in the story is made as rosy as possible because of projections. Even 2013 is PROJECTED on that chart, and I'd like to see the date from 11 and 12 show up on the site I got this from http://www.usgovernmentspending.com/  They even mention SIXTY YEAR HIGHS in the article, wow,  CNN must be off their propaganda feed this fine Monday AM!

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

They Didn't Use Guns, So??

The Boston Bombers Were Muslim: So? - Megan Garber - The Atlantic

The pain of finding the bombers were Muslim Immigrants as opposed to home grown anti-government "Right Wing Extremists" is palpable. It feels for the media as feels for me seeing the snow fall again here in MN on the 21st of April.

If this had been another shooting tragedy, the Atlantic would be pointing to the OBVIOUS problem of "guns in America". Come on, you KNOW that to be true!! How can one be rational at all, even with leftward views and not see that???


To be left thinking is to completely lack the capacity for self reflection. Here are some of the reasons I surmise, written in my "lefty guise".  No real lefty even seems to care, they simply treat Islamic Terrorism and Gun Violence as completely different things.

  1. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Islamists hate Christians. Christians tend to vote "the wrong way" and have moral ideas "incompatible with modern thought", so I'm OK with Islamists, at least for now. (Note: Major problem, Islamist thinking is FAR more incompatible with "modern thought" than Christian theology and practice ... but as a lefty, I ignore that)
  2. Immigrants are "Unregistered Democrats" -- a little violence, even mass violence from a few immigrants is acceptable. 
  3. Guns are personal, bombs are corporate. If someone is shooting at me or those I love with a gun, I might wish I had one to try to protect myself or them. If a bomb goes off, I won't be bothered by any thoughts like that.
  4. I don't like the foreign and independent thought of the "right wing" -- the government is my god, and those guns are an obstacle to the kind of control that we may need to apply to insure that our nation is "fair". It may be important to forcibly transfer assets from "conservatives" to the rest of us as the situation continues to decline. Guns make that harder. 
  5. I get really sick of having to listen to "the right". I boycott all their media, unfriended any I can both virtually and physically, but I know they are still out there. Knowing they tend to be armed makes me VERY nervous. I don't really trust myself with a gun, I'm not sure why they trust themselves. I find both the guns and the conservaties very scary, together I completely can't stand it! I have a RIGHT to not have to feel this way!

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Spineless Perspective

The Spineless Gun Vote - NYTimes.com:

As I read this article I was again very glad that the MSM and BO didn't get their wish of the Boston Bombers being "White Right Wingers". Now the calls will all be for "caution and no rush to judgement" ... don't blame Islam, don't blame immigration ... no need to blame at all. Well, maybe we aren't welcoming enough ...  if the poor misguided children had gotten a hug at the right time?

No calls for the banning of anything.  When bomb goes off, the bomber is responsible. When there is a shooting, it is the guns fault! Bombs are inanimate, guns are evil daemons that capture the hearts of man. Maybe the progressive psyche feels an affinity for the annihilation of the bomb in carrying out the act? The gun is somehow evil since it survives the violence. Sort of a French Revolution view -- the country was destroyed, but the revolution was a great success!

I remember so well when 9-11 happened and some called the Terrorists "cowards". The left took a dim view of that right away ... "they gave up their lives, how can you call them cowards"? For the left, as long as the attacker is "anti-american", the hackles rise if one tries to label their actions negatively.

The Ft Hood shooting that killed 13 and injured 32 is classified by the BO Administration as "Workplace Violence", not terrorism. It seems surreal, Islam is WAY more "homophobic", "at war with women", and "anti science" than Christianity, yet the standard "left elite" in America are very reticent to label Islamic acts as "terrorist".

The only reason that I can come up with for that is "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". The elite left hates Christians and Constitution supporting Americans ... "conservatives", so much that much as with the old USSR, they feel a certain kinship with the attackers.

Why DO they hate guns so? They need to be goaded to even mention the Gosnell house of horrors. A live baby delivered into a toilet splashing around that is taken out and slaughtered. Gosnell  has a good shot at being the biggest mass murderer in US history just counting the babies delivered alive -- not counting what? Thousands that were viable, but were "properly" murdered before exit from the mothers body? The MSM and the left absolutely do not care! Abortion, or even infanticide is something they are happy to allow, they DEMAND it! no matter the numbers, no matter the "collateral damage".

Again, it is hard for me to even fathom the reasoning. Bombs are indiscriminate. They kill en-masse, is that why they are so much less angered by the use of a bomb? But then not really -- McVeigh, the fortunately very rare nut-job with some "right leaning" was certainly demonized and the Clinton administration and MSM were chomping at the bit to get out and "infiltrate right wing groups", and to "put the muzzle on the hate filled voices of talk radio".

It is clear that at the moment the left wants the constitutional republic replaced by mob rules ASAP. BO's disdain for the 60 vote filibuster capability in the Senate was palpable in his tirade this week. How did "The Republic for which it stands" become so lost that standing against the majority (at least according to the right polls) is "spineless". How comforting to write for that bastion of divergent thought, the NYTs, where even their house "right winger", David Brooks, supported BO for president.

Ah yes, the "courage" of it all.

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The ‘Co-exist’ Bombers

The ‘Co-exist’ Bombers | National Review Online:

Steyn hits a goodie. Definitely worth the read. I found the following to be especially adroit -- we humans REQUIRE comparison to understand what is going on around us. As a believer in God, I find that the universe is basically shouting at us about good and evil from every corner -- and the "Co-exist" bumper stickers are essentially Lucifer saying "plug your ears".

In America, all atrocities are not equal: Minutes after the Senate declined to support so-called gun control in the wake of the Newtown massacre, the president rushed ill-advisedly on air to give a whiny, petulant performance predicated on the proposition that one man’s mass infanticide should call into question the constitutional right to bear arms. Simultaneously, the media remain terrified that another man’s mass infanticide might lead you gullible rubes to question the constitutional right to abortion, so the ongoing Kermit Gosnell trial in Philadelphia has barely made the papers — even though it involves large numbers of fully delivered babies who were decapitated and had their feet chopped off and kept in pickling jars. Which would normally be enough to guarantee a perpetrator front-page coverage for weeks on end. 

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NPR, April, "Right Wing" Terrorism

ViralRead » NPR’s Dina Temple Raston Blames Boston on ‘Right-Wing Individuals’:

Your tax dollars at work, on "ALL THINGS (from a lefty nut job perspective) Considered".

Boston was "Right-wing extremism", got that?? Cuz April is a huge month for it!!

HITLERS B-Day. Let's see, was he Libertarian? Anarchist? or just basically a Republican? RIGHT is LESS GOVERNMENT ... yes, you will find some totally anti-government folks over there that are Anarchist who MAY do some forms of terror, but Hitler? Sure, during WWII, there was the propaganda of calling the National SOCIALISTS (Nazis), "right wing", since we were allied with the communists from the USSR. Hitler was just another STATIST. Left to right is "Maxwell Smart" on the old "Get Smart" TV show, "Control vs Chaos". Left believes in the power of the state over the individual, right believes in less state, and at the far right side, NO GOVERNMENT == chaos.

Branch Davidians???  The CLINTON administration chose April as the month to attack them. Was the Clinton administration (or maybe just Janet Reno?) somehow liberty and individualism oriented??  Man, they sure hid it well.

Columbine? Who knows what all those kids really thought ... if they did think, but they were younger than the Boston Bombers.  Just watch the media thinking shift switch on Boston now "Can't rush to be blaming ISLAM just because they may have connections there". It would be TERRIBLE to allow the actions of a couple looneys to besmirch the "religion of peace".

McVeigh. There we finally have a nut job with some "right wing", meaning anti-government thinking. But notice, we don't hold the Uni-bomber up ... also to some degree "right wing" in that he was anti-technology and anti-corporate, but not really anti-government, so what is focused on there is that he was a nut -- not his thinking.

FREEDOM means that it is possible to have different views without being slandered by the PU|BLIC media!! It is just barely possible that when total government spending is about 40% of GDP, it MAY be just barely possible to be relatively sane and think that LESS, say maybe "1/3 or 1/4" of GDP would be a good direction vs MORE. One would still be a very long way from "no government" even at 25% of GDP.

Note: The MSM often confuses people buy using US **FEDERAL** tax rates and spending in comparison with Sweden, Germany, etc to claim that "US taxes and spending are LOW in comparison".  Don't look now, but those countries are basically the size of major US "Blue States"(BS) US BS Spending, and especially urban spending -- like NYC, LA, SF, Chicago, etc EXCEEDS 50% of of GDP. True, the people that make any money that live in those cities (or even work there) pay though the nose, but even so, without vast transfers from the states the cities are in and the Federal government, their lavish spending to purchase close to 100% democrat votes would still not be "viable". Even that is a complete fiction -- given the financial condition of the BSs, our cities, and the Federal deficits.

But you must be carefully taught to hate the "right wing" ... meaning anyone that might hold a different opinion on the advancement of Statism. There were a number of "breakouts" on the Boston Bombing where we see just how anxious the MSM and the BO admin is to get a good old fashioned witch hunt for "Right Wingers" going. BO was struck by it being "Tax Day" -- somehow I really don't think that meant much to the Chechens.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

I Support Universal Background Checks

Opinion: Gun control fight just beginning - CNN.com:

The level of misinformation after the defeat of the Manchin - Toomey bill is insane. This is SIMPLE folks.

The current check system is NICS (National Criminal Background Check System) and the form an FFL (Federal Firearms License holder) has you fill out and keeps for 20 years (minium) is a 4473.

There is no gun show or internet sales loophole. Less than 10% of gun sales are private transfers. If you buy a gun and transfer it that is already an illegal straw sale -- it says that right on the 4473!

The 4473 has your name and the serial number of the firearm. **SO**, although that gun is not officially "registered to you", it effectively is, since all that is required for the federal government to find 90%+ of the firearms legally sold since '98 is to collect the records from the FFLs. That is ASSUMING that the Feds have no kept the information from all the calls to the NICs center.

If the feds come to my door and say "we want your guns" today, I can say "I sold them", and if due process is still in force, they can't prosecute me for not having them. If background checks in the way they are talking about become "universal", then there are no transfers that are allowed without going through the NICS, and I will either have to claim them "stolen" or "lost", both of which can easily be made into crimes ... that I would be required to report my "missing firearms", and if I filed that falsely, then I would be also guilty of a felony.

So, private sales today are a "safety valve" and the source of very few sales to criminals.

However, I too am in favor of "Universal Background Checks" if done reasonably. It could be very simple:

  1. Everyone that wants to purchase a firearm must obtain a "Permit to Purchase(PP)", which you already need to do in MN  for pistols or "Assault Weapons" (Modern Sporting Weapons). This causes a more through NICS check, and ought to be provided freely to citizens. 
  2. At an FFL, it works just like buying a pistol in MN today ... show your PP or Permit to Carry,  fill out the 4473, FFL does a NIC check, and you get your gun. 
  3. The add would be that when a private citizen does a sale, they are required to see the PP/PC + picture ID. A retention requirement of keeping the PP/PC and Driv Lic #s  for "2-5 years" seems not unreasonable  as well ... indicating "I sold this person one or more firearms". 

For those that want to have all legal transfers of guns have a background check, this accomplishes that task without defacto registration or the threat thereof. Those of us "wackos" that have concerns about future confiscation could cross execute a couple "sales" to buddies that COULD have sold our whole collections in case confiscation ever comes to pass.

However, based on attempting to read the bill, and making it most of the way through http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/345845/problems-toomey-manchin, I can ONLY conclude that current "background check" people are FAR more interested in collecting data on legal gun purchasers than they are in insuring background checks for legal gun sales.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

BO Knowingly Lies In Calling NRA Liars

Obama Takes Senate to Task for Failed Gun Control Measure - ABC News:

If you can stomach listening to this sob-fest, you will hear BO directly lie about two points.

1) He will claim that "60% of the gun purchases go though background checks". The real figure is 90-95%, He has gotten 3 pinnochios from the Post on this before http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/fact-checker/post/obamas-continued-use-of-the-claim-that-40-percent-of-gun-sales-lack-background-checks/2013/04/01/002e06ce-9b0f-11e2-a941-a19bce7af755_blog.html he KNOWS this is a LIE!

2). Since he knows 1, he knows there is NO "Gun show / Internet loophole". You as private individual MAY sell one or two guns, but they had better have been in your collection for over a year, or it is a STRAW SALE! If you are an FFL, which you BETTER BE if you are going to sell guns, you have to do a background check on EVERY gun you sell. Thus about 5% of gun transfers are between family members, and about 5% more are between sporting gun users like USPSA shooters which may well sell a gun to a fellow shooter -- BUT, everyone that I know gets a copy of their drivers lic and Carry Permit or Permit to Buy, which IS a background check, just not one with a federal paper trail.

NOBODY says that the bill that went down would have prevented Sandy Hook. To have those folks there as props is simply and emotional lie. It is shamelessly using a horrible event in an attempt to get pure political gain -- it is callous and cowardly beyond what one would believe possible in a human, but BO continues to surprise in how low he can really go.

I tried to read the bill, I'm not sure WHAT is in it! It sure as hell isn't "common sense gun legislation".

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Hoping for White

Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American - Salon.com:

The left tends to be quite racist on things like the Marathon Bombing -- sort of like the old boxing public, they have the "Great White Hope". Some of the less thoughtful will say "it's different, RACISTS want whites to do GOOD things, and blacks to do BAD / LOSE / etc." Yes, please just think a tiny bit about all those "equals" signs out on the web over "gay marriage" meant and apply it here.

I just watched the "White Supremacist" narrative run and die on CNN as I worked out at the local club the last couple weeks, wow, those White Supremacists are some BAD dudes, oops, small problem, they have nothing to do with the crime that CNN already had them convicted for http://twitchy.com/2013/04/15/white-supremacist-narrative-collapses-in-texas-da-murder-case/

I'm expecting this to change anytime soon about as much as I'm looking for a ban on pressure cookers; "Pressure Cookers Kill!!".

This article is worth reading painfully. "Salon" is not far in thought process from HuffPo and is a good example of the kind of "journalism" on the rise with the ascension of the left since '06.

At the core of this thinking is a total hatred of anything "right", which of course means a hatred of liberty, since the right is libertarian and the left is statist. "Thou shalt not question the state" (except to the extent that Republicans are in control) ... to question the state means that you are, or are very close to being a "hate group", and only shills like Laura Ingraham would think that you ought not be investigated by the Feds. Who knows, you may actually own a scary gun -- or a pressure cooker!

The other is extremely selective relativism. The 9-11 attacks, Bin Ladin, the clearly heavily organized and over 20 year old Al Qaeda become "equivalent" to Timothy McVeigh, who might have been to a "militia meeting" a time or two ... or maybe just had friends who had. The American MSM is ALWAYS waiting with baited breath to jump to a charge of "Right Wing Terrorists" ... every shooting we have is initially at least floated as "due to the hateful rhetoric of the right wing", or did you know Sara Palin had used the term "targeted" (along with every political group in the US, but no matter).

Quite commonly the operative problem, uni-bomber, Aurora movie shooter, certainly Gabby Giffords shooter is that they are "mentally unstable" (at best). In the mentioned cases, they also happened to have very left leaning writings, thoughts, etc, BUT, I'm perfectly OK with what I see as the real problem being that they were "unstable". Had Timothy McVeigh had similar political thoughts, call me a wacko, but I'm betting that his political leanings would have been a complete non-issue.

I'm going out a real limb here I know, but I here predict that if Boston or any other future killer turns out to have ANY connection that can even be STRETCHED to be "Right Wing", that will be a big big story. If George Zimmer voted Republican vs Democrat (which he did), then I'd guess THAT angle would be getting A LOT more play in the Trayvon Martin saga.

Oh yes, and hitting a government building in OK with a rented truck is "equivalent" to flying commercial airliners complete with passengers into the WTC, Pentagon, and crashing in a field in PA.  It's all relative -- and the relative lefty brains get to massage that relativity as they see fit.

This counts for "thought" on the left. These people can get seriously worked up believing that their world view is an accurate reflection of reality. Think about that the next time you watch BO talk!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

IT IS NOT 40% !!!!!!

Obama’s continued use of the claim that 40 percent of gun sales lack background checks - The Washington Post:

MPR is using the 40% number regularly today and Al Franken used it on the Senate floor last night. It is NOT correct!! I sent e-mail to both MPR and Franken's office today. I suspect they don't care -- if the number was "as many as 5% of gun purchases" (as close to the correct number as we can get today unless an unbiased study is done), the vote in the Senate against further legislation would have ben 70-80 against!

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Thatcher Spared Scent of BO

The lady’s not for mourning | Power Line:

I'm actually pleased that the BO admin chose to sit out the Iron Lady's funeral. After electing him twice, we are a nation that no longer has enough standing to be present at her funeral. I'm voting we make the Reagan Library  (which I've been to and MUCH enjoyed) it's own nation kind of like the Vatican.

He gave us a 2nd chance, we chose to squander it.

Maybe we can call it "Waserica" ... the America that once was great!

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Right Wing Mind Control

Opinion: Why terrorist bombings have been rare in U.S. in past decade - CNN.com:

From time to time we get treated to an indictment of Fox News, Talk Radio and "The Right Wing Echo Chamber" ... the absolute horror that some in the MSM feel "compelled" to carry some "fabrication" that got started in the "not-real news", oh I forgot, the "Blogsphere" is another part of that irresponsible media.

Here we have an article that has been out on CNN for a few days now explaining to us why there are relatively few bombings in the US. CNN is a "trusted news source" ... no bias there.

Of the 380 extremists indicted for acts of political violence or for conspiring to carry out such attacks in the U.S. since 9/11, 81 were able to obtain explosives or the components necessary to build a bomb, according to a study by the New America Foundation. Of those, 51 were right-wing extremists, 23 were militants inspired by al Qaeda's ideology, five have been described as anarchists and one was an environmentalist terrorist.

Wow, 51 of them were "Right Wing Extremists", wonder how THAT classification is reached?

The critical thinker ... of which the US has few remaining, would go look at "The New America" foundation, which Peter Bergen is a leader of, and which it is clear is properly named -- they don't like the "old America" much, the democratic republic one, with freedom, liberty, rule of law, and ESPECIALLY things like individual property rights.

One element that is NOT mentioned is that GUNS are more commonly used in the US by attackers, and BOMBS are more commonly used in European countries. The IMPRESSION is given that "since 9-11", explosives have been "too hard to get". Indeed. Very serviceable bombs can be made from LOTS of common household items, propane, and other chemicals easily manufactured. Has METH been controlled in the US??

Or there is black powder How to make Black Powder and how to get the parts ...

I know that "Right Wingers" are too stupid to figure out how to make a bomb, so the "better government control" MUST be the reason. Terrorists are just smarter in Europe ... so they build bombs.

I'm also not going to go into the selective nature of this article very much. Environmental Terrorists seem to like sabotage and especially arson. The animal rights types like to wreck labs and turn loose animals.

Can you list the 51 "right wing extremists" apprehended for plotting bombs in the US since 9-11? Whenever there is a SINGLE case that can somehow be labeled as "right wing", even though the important part of the perpetrator is that they are NUTS, we hear LOTS about it! Whereas when you have someone like the Unibomber -- who was totally lefty / anarchist, there is VERY little covered about him other than the NUTS part! (he was also a certifiable math genius, which is obviously why he would lean left!)

If you only read the MSM, it is pretty easy to see how one thinks as the majority of our population does. You have been carefully taught!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

North Korea, Life Without God

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un offers many faces, many threats - The Washington Post:

When Nietzsche exclaimed that "God is dead", it was a cry of despair. Without a believable ultimate moral power that included the potential of eternal joy or punishment, man was "free" in this life.

Nietzsche thought that science had "killed god", because it had "proven" that creation had no use for him -- it all happened randomly with no divine "watchmaker", running in "simple", understandable by humans and repeatable laws. Or at least the last few hundred or thousand years had.

I'm not going to go into the fairly obvious problem with inductive reasoning, other than to mention the Thanksgiving Turkey Problem -- confirmation bias of repeatability rises to a plateau and then there is an "oops", often quite painful or terminal to the inductive reasoner.

I'm completely happy with God creating the universe any way he desires. I tend to allow the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent the freedom to act in the manner they see fit, I feel it is the least I can do! From what I can see, it certainly DOES have "the appearance of age", although God capabilities allow creation to proceed in a number of ways that would be beyond even our imagination. I have no problem with "going with what we see", so it LOOKS like things have taken a very long time.  (I'm also fine with going with 100% fundamentalist, it's 6k years old.

Let's assume that I'm wrong. My faith is foolish, there is no God, all is random. In that case, it would seem that the "very long time" forces that have acted on our selves, morality, society, etc would be even MORE important -- since there is no potential for intervention by an eternal god, being very conservative with cultural, social and even religious (major part of "culture") rules, practices, heuristics, etc would be vital. Screw it up and everyone -- or at least 100's of millions are likely to die (as they did in the "moving toward godless" 20th century).

This is the point at which I wonder if I must be especially evil. Take God and the potential for eternal joy or punishment away, and I'm not very sure of what **MY** actions might be. WORSE, I'm not very sanguine about the potential for action by other godless people -- Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, etc come to mind right away.

So why is it that Kim Jong Un ought NOT nuke Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, or whatever it is that he thinks would make him the most eternally remembered???Let's face it, barring something of that nature, we are not going to remember any of the "Kim Jong's" at all.  While Hitler is going to be hard to beat, even a relative fizzle nuke ought to get him remembered over Osama, Oswald and guys like that in the historical pantheon.

Doing something GOOD to be immortal is a hell of a bar --- Einstein, Gandhi, Newton, Lincoln, DaVinci ... I'm not going to go look up top ten good and bad recognized names world wide, or maybe recognized after having been dead 100 years ... a criteria that a number of mine don't even make. Without any hope of real eternal life, the only sort of "immortal" available is in future generations, and I'd argue they have more of a bias for remembering the BAD then the good. (Quick, which character do you remember from Star Wars?).

Let's face it, "Un" has ZERO chance of making that list for good, but kill 5-10 million people?  Pretty much a shoo in, and if there is no God, then what is it that makes us all calm that there won't be more people that think that way? True, "all gods are not equal" --- Allah is apparently OK with exterminating infidels to bring about "peace" (rubble tends to be very "peaceful"). But to be truly certain there is no "eternal collateral damage", it is hard to beat no god at all passing judgement before you fry a few million of your fellow man.

"Choosing poorly" on an eternal question isn't the kind of mistake the less than fully faithful in the "big nada" after death are likely to feel good about. We humans have a tendency to practice what we actually believe in order to help assure ourselves we really believe it. For the believer in God, the religions all provide regular actions -- prayer, worship, study of sacred works, sacrifice, communion, acts of contrition, love, etc.

What about the atheist? Well, after you are done abusing Christians (usually they don't particularly worry about abusing other faiths), maybe posting lots of nasty things on the web, what are the godless to do? They are "completely free", but just how do you really really let people know that you are so very and completely not held hostage by any "old tired many thousands of years old religious moral kinds of thinking"?

Perhaps that is the reason that atheists are less trusted than believers. It is completely up to them -- especially since becoming an atheist usually already means some level of leaving family and other "roots" behind. You have netted yourself a lot of "freedom", but it could be that a lot of humanity isn't all that trusting that the "soul-less free" are all that likely to be "good" ... and certainly completely unconfident that "soul-less good" is likely to have much overlap with the few thousand year old versions of good.

An environmentalist looks at anything that man does -- carbon, fracking, habitat changes, diet, etc and says "we have to be really really careful because the earth is very fragile". This is an earth that they believe has had completely random life continuously for over 3 billion years.

In contrast, human culture has been recorded for less than 10K (with exception of a few cave paintings that look to be 30K years old). The Roman Empire that lasted for 500 years 1500 years ago is still the champion for longevity. Right now, the US has a decent claim to being the longest continuous Democratic Republic on the planet. One can have long discussions on this ... Greece, first but not continuous, New Zealand if you aren't really democratic unless you have "universal suffrage". So I assume that "Undocumented Democrats" (formerly "Illegal Aliens") might have to be allowed to vote before maybe the US even COUNTS as "democratic"?? ... and on it goes.

The POINT is that the systems of government that we now consider to be the most "advanced" are not all that old -- and all of them are in MAJOR trouble for having promised more in benefits than they can provide. One of the reasons that democracies have historically failed, so our founders tried very hard to avoid the government having enough power to bankrupt itself. Nice try!!

So man is GOING to have something that is effectively a  "religion" -- "a practice", a "highest good".   Communism is one of the atheist attempts, and China is the current likely replacement to the old "advanced" world leadership. Can a democratic republic survive without a transcendent religion, or will be the result be what the founders of the US and guys like Toqueville thought?? That the representative democracy could not exist without the majority of the people being practicing Christians.

Or worse -- will some Kim Jong "whatever", like figure be the "final immortal" for mankind by mass killing, maybe via germ warfare or eventually nano-tech? One might have thought that the "experiment" with god being dead in the 20th century and man being "free" to slaughter 100's of millions on the alter of the state would have been enough to give more people pause, but apparently not.

I've never been clear on God intervention. I have a strong thought that the Jewish people will survive, although they always have been, and will remain the leading targets for extermination by others. They have a direct promise for their survival from God.

The gift of free will is a very dangerous gift. We currently seem especially bent on testing the limits of mankind hanging around, at least with any actual freedom, except maybe "freedom from god".

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Benghazi Scooter Libby

700 Retired Military Special Ops Tell Congress to Form Select Committee on Benghazi:

We certainly celebrated Seal Team 6 when Osama was killed. Nearly as much as BO was celebrated.

Remember Scooter Libby and Valerie Plame?? The media was OBSESSED with the question of wether a CIA "secret agent"  that lived in Virginia and drove into Langley every day was "outed". As part of her "deep cover",  her husband had written an article for the New Yorker that was critical of the administration. (were there any articles in the New Yorker that were not critical of the W administration?).

We got a Special Prosecutor, reams of ink, tons of time on shout shows devoted to "investigating" this supposed "crime". Turns out that Richard Armitage, a state department functionary that was anti-Iraq invasion, was the sort of the source. Well, that and the fact that her name was listed next to her husbands, Joe Wilson, in "Who's Who in America", no doubt further evidence of just how "covert" she was. Scooter Libby? Oh, he was prosecuted for PERJURY for LYING, because he got a date wrong for when he had talked to Tim Russert. Another case where the standard for "lying" is much stricter when one is a conservative.

Does anyone see any difference in the media treatment of these two incidents?

Does anyone actually believe that if W had lost an embassy under similar circumstances, the timeline, who was involved, who was making the decisions and at least all the questions included in this letter would be known by every American because they would be on the news every single day with suitably ominous overtones of the only two reasons that something like this could happen in a Republican administration? Gross and prosecutable incompetence, or deep political intrigue, manipulation and coverup. Most likely lots of both!


SEVEN HUNDRED retired Special Ops folks sign a very well done letter asking some very obvious questions that need to be answered. Are they ALL some sort of cranky right wingers?? Maybe they are a just a bit concerned of damage to the Esprit Decor of Special Forces when 2 of their own are left to die with no support in Benghazi.

The US military, and ESPECIALLY the Special Forces have a very strong commitment to their own to do all in their power to assist and extract even against very long odds. Damage that, and the effect on our ability to do raids like getting Osama may be damaged irreparably.

The Jimmuh Carter Desert Classic (Operation Eagle Claw, the failed Iran hostage rescue) can EASILY come again. We worked 30 years to return the American military to the capability that we were at prior to BO taking power --  we are already "back to the '70s" in number of people working and income, must we also go there with our military?

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15 Infants Killed with Assault Rifle

Rep. Chris Smith: 'If Gosnell Had Shot Seven Infants with an AR-15, It Would Be National News':

Oh, wait, it was scissors and knives and it was done in the protected confines of an abortion clinic. They were alive, and viable outside the womb, so there may still be a conviction in this rare case, but it doesn't follow a popular lefty narrative, so we will see very very little of it.

Killings with Assault Rifles,  ALL forms of rifles account for < 3% of gun deaths, fit the popular narrative of a "preventable national tragedy, a shame on the US". When such a rare killing happens we are hammered by the MSM 24x7 on how it is "preventable", even though, as in the case of Sandy Hook, none of the laws being offered would have prevented it. We just have to BELIEVE!

Narrative! Follow the narrative!!!

Reality is entirely narrative free, at least from a human perspective. I'm perfectly willing to assume that God has a divine plan at some level of detail -- the Bible says that "not a sparrow falls" without his knowledge, I'm completely willing to believe that he has both knowledge and control at every Quantum Event, infinite powers is, well, infinite.

Man? We are masters at imagining narratives are real from every angle -- just like we easily "see" human and others forms in rocks, clouds, etc. Our FAVORITE activity is creating narratives that give a semblance of order to the vast and (from our perspective) quite chaotic universe around us.

What used to be "critical thought" is being aware of this bias and be slow to buy in to nearly all narratives -- especially those less than a few hundred years old that have stood some testing of effectiveness at the mapping of reality.

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Understanding "Liberal" Popularity

Why Aren’t More People Repelled by the Left? | Power Line:

So there are raucous celebrations of Thatcher's death in England? The simplest answer to the question posed by this column is that although I'm completely unsurprised, who knew? The coverage of bad behavior on the left is minimal at best.

The big reason though tis that worship of the state is the modern pagan religion. It is "moral" because it declares itself to be, and it has it's own set of "sacraments" -- abortion, gay marriage, environmental fetishism and legal pot. Someday I need to do a whole "Stations of the Statist Cross.

Certainly Popularity would be one, liberals love that above all else. "Democracy" makes them feel so moral compared to "Mob Rule" -- but they like Mobs as well. Their mobs are just "just mobs", and since the chattering classes are always going to lean left,  both the entertainment and "news" media are always going to worship the Statist totem.

The line from the column that I completely disagree with is "liberals are often reviled as vile, vulgar, hate-mongers." They are? On what planet is that? It is CONSERVATIVES that are "often", in fact, nearly universally cast in that light. In fact, based on media reporting I'd say there are only two reasons for one to be a conservative -- they are stupid, they are evil, most commonly both!

The station of "intelligence" definitely is one ... to be a "liberal" is proof of at least "not being stupid". An intelligent liberal is above all an excellent parrot. Whatever the hot item of the day that needs to be praised or derided, they are locked to the party line. Why would they not be? They are daily presented in every form from entertainment to news with exactly what is to be applauded and what is to be smirked at. John Stewart and his "Daily Show" are currently an excellent flavor of this -- just the right smirk, just the right condescension, even an occasional jibe at the lefty home team just to give the snide impression of being "even handed". We are cooking in a left wing information pot -- and all one needs to do to be "moral and smart" is to be a parrot!

I'm not going to keep going for today, but it is completely unsurprising to me that people can get out and be joyful over the death of Maggie Thatcher and not be considered "bad" in any form -- don't "smart and just people" have a right to their "fun"???

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Outrunning Jackasses

Rebuttal to the attack on Dr. Don Easterbrook | Watts Up With That?:

I had never heard the Galileo quote at the end that I alluded to in the title -- it is priceless.

I also love his comment on theories that explain everything: "The theory that explains everything explains nothing." Exactly! 

The column is EXCELLENT in that it deals primarily with the combination of fake hubris, fear and the desire to be "one of the in crowd" that permeates the warmist movement. Humans love to be liked -- it is in our makeup, but part of the maturity of reason is to realize that the "liking" is often completely fatuous. Being fact based and having faith in something larger than ones self (and certainly the popularity thereof) is MUCH preferable for both the self and the society one lives in. 

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Friday, April 12, 2013

7800 Words of "Common Sense"

Posted: Full Text of 'The Public Safety And Second Amendment Rights Protection Act' | The Weekly Standard:

Remember when BO was going to post potential bills to the internet weeks in advance of their being voted on as part of "the most transparent administration in history"??

I tried to read it a bit. There is some motherhood up front about "supporting the 2nd amendment and making everyone safe", but within it there is stuff about forming a commission, 15 years in prison for gun violations and very odd stuff about potentially limiting my right to carry on federal highways -- but I would NOT say that I'm sure at all.

Unless you are a plain Statist that COMPLETELY "trusts the government", personally have no firearms or at MOST "take them hunting once a year", it is unimaginable that you could be "for" this. It is impossible to say what "this" even is!

Why would there be ANY penalties for ANY non-violent first time gun "violation"?  I have a permit, I carry a pistol, if there is "a problem",  I leave whatever premises or unload my pistol and put it in a locked case and go on my way.

This bill reeks of "selective enforcement" -- maybe I speak out on a subject that someone in government or someone with connections in government doesn't like. Maybe it is even guns. I have a permit, I've purchased guns under the existing NICs system which means there is already a record of my purchase. Is it in a database??? Well, they seem to be able to find out VERY fast in these shootings where and when the gun or guns used came from. In fact, they can find that right away unless the ATF is running them to Mexican gun cartels ... but I digress.

Criminals don't follow laws, even onces that they can't read. There are only two "common sense" purposes that this law could possibly achieve:

  • It furthers the registration of guns for future confiscation
  • It provides more excessive penalties for dimly or unnamed "violations" that can be selectively enforced on people when desired by government beauracrats, politicians, or people that have connections with them.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Blow Blows

Rand Paul Goes to Howard - NYTimes.com:

Maybe Rand has Blow a little scared. His entire list is a re-tread of Democrat and media fabrications to keep  Blacks on the Democrat MSM plantation of welfare, broken homes, affirmative action and comfy bromides about "equal opportunity" while Black unemployment for males approaches 50% in larger cities.

Were Black unemployment that high with a Republican in the WH, Blow would be adding THAT to his list of Republican woes. He would be screaming at the top of his lungs and creating a new shibboleth about Republicans like NO.  But he can't ... he no doubt hates Herman Cain and any other Black who dares leave the "thought plantation", but that doesn't make his residency there any less of a fact.

"Willie Horton", dear god, can you be any more of a tool? What good does parroting an old manufactured "controversy" when 50% of your people have no jobs? Certainly your shackles can't be tight enough for you to not feel SOME of the plight of your brothers? Are you that worried they will wake up and realize that they have been had?

Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of politics knows that 95% is WAY too high for a voting block. They are guaranteed to be taken for granted -- and the fact that their current masters and the TRUE "Uncle Tom's" like Blow are willing to let his people suffer 50% unemployment while carrying water for the policies that have brought that about is absolute proof for that.

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"Gay Marriage" and Natural Law

FAITH MATTERS: On ‘gay marriage’ think natural law | World Tribune:

An excellent article. I wish I had written it!!

I found this quote to be especially good ... the last time this came up was in the time of Nero, history doesn't repeat, but it does rhyme.

By the same token, no belief system other than the tyrannical confusion governing the minds of declining empires would consider the physical union of two people whose parts don’t fit and who therefore cannot procreate a “human right.” 

As I've said many times ... no Gods Law, no Natural Law, means NO LAW ... or rather "survey says whim of the day "law"" ... which is none, since the survey can't be predicted by reason in any way.!

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5 Current BO Lies

5 Reasons Obama's White House is Administration That Cried Wolf | Independent Journal Review | Page 9:

Nice little sequence of 5 actual lies of that last month or so directly from the mouth of BO. Must be hard work to pare it down to just 5, his lips move quite a bit.

For W, we either had (1) "British Intelligence / yellowcake" in the the SOTU address, or (2) "No WMD". But we heard A LOT about them!!

1 was in fact true as stated by Tony Blair and re-stated by British Intelligence, 2 was a complete surprise to nearly everyone including every intelligence agency in the world, and likely Saddam himself. I choose to believe that Saddam was able to hide a couple semi sized containers of WMD in a country with 65K sq miles of desert. Wait for a sand storm, drive them out there and bury them. Take the GPS coord and shoot the guys that did it. But whatever, "Making predications is hard, especially about the future" (Yogi Berra)

When you can lie directly and convincingly to the camera and the MSM is NEVER going to bother to check anything, it really helps being a "masterful politician". It gets MUCH harder when even when you are telling the truth, or don't have 100% foreknowledge of the future,  they call you "liar, liar" 24x7.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CNN Headline: Why is Gun Grabbing Hard

Why is this so hard? The disconnect on background checks and guns - CNN.com:

It is nice when the MSM is up front that they are telling you what to think rather than reporting.

One reason it may be hard is that gun ownership is clearly stated as an UNALIENABLE right in the 2nd amendment of the constitution. Sure CNN, BO and Democrats feel the constitution is nothing to be counted on except for the sacrement of abortion, freedom from religion and not having to have an ID to vote. None of which are of course in the constitution at all -- but THEY are "unalienable" to Democrats, therefore "sacred".

Partially because they have no clue what they are talking about:
Though FBI background checks are required for commercial sales, the proposal being considered would expand them to gun shows and internet sales, but they would not require checks for other private transactions, according to multiple sources familiar with the talks.
The "loophole" is relative to PRIVATE sales of guns, at most one or two sales a year, the VAST preponderance of them done by serious gun sportsmen where the person getting the gun is explicitly known, and EVEN THEN, the standard is to keep a copy of their drivers license and either carry permit or permit to purchase on file. 

ALL commercial sales -- which are 90% of sales have background checks -- over the internet, at gun shows, etc. There IS NO "Gun Show / Internet "!!! 

The "private sales" that I described above are 5%, 5% are inheritance, transfers to kids, spouses and relatives. 

The REASON that BO and Democrats want this law is that it will allow them to DOCUMENT ALL SALES AND TRANSFERS by law abiding citizens! The current background check is de-facto registration. The gun dealer has your information and the serial number of the gun. However, TODAY, one could always say "I sold it" if the feds come knocking at your door for confiscation. To date, registration has ALWAYS led to confiscation in all other cases where it has happened. 

The REAL "loophole" is the legal private sale or transfer of a firearm. If they want to confiscate, they will be stuck if you refuse to give them the gun they have listed as being owned by you and can't find it on your premises. Pass this, and you have the THIN veneer of "it was stolen" (and you didn't report it), or "I lost it" -- very easily made into crimes in themselves, thus solving the problem of confiscation from law abiding citizens. 

Criminals of course don't follow laws -- that goes for the ones on the street and the ones in Washington as well. 

Oh, and BTW, we are STILL not a DEMOCRACY, we are a REPUBLIC!! If 100% of the people really want gun control, then doing a Constitutional Amendment to remove the 2nd ought to be EASY!! So just do it. Listen to the Pledge next time and consider what you are pledging allegiance to -- it makes things like removing rights based on the will of the mob HARD! It was intended to!!

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BO Pushes Grandma off Cliff

Seniors would see smaller Social Security checks under Obama budget due to chained CPI - Apr. 10, 2013: "inflation"

... or that is how it was treated when Paul Ryan had a much more realistic and fair proposal. One in which benefits for YOUNGER FICA beneficiaries WHO HAD A HIGHER INCOME were "cut" (meaning the rate of growth was slowed).

How different it is when BO proposes hitting the OLDEST and likely POOREST of beneficiaries? Naturally, after directly promising that HE would "protect FICA". We get the liars we so richly deserve.

Why does he do it? Because he will be out of office in the future and there are less voters over 80 than under 80. The entire Democrat created Ponzi scheme called FICA is about buying votes today with the money of future generations and then leaving those generations holding the bag -- and from the Democrat view, so impoverished they will be unable to vote for anything but whatever remaining crumbs future Democrats can scrape from the dried husk of a once great nation.

As the fecal material has begun to hit the fan and it becomes obvious, as it does in all Ponzi schemes, that the vast majority of folks that put the money in will not be getting it out, it is important to hold the reckoning off as long as possible ... thus, fake a little longer that you are going to give the hit ONLY to the oldest of the recipients.

Actually giving a damn about people as opposed to merely political power would require taking action so the most vulnerable were LEAST hit, and the young people quickly realized that there would be no FICA for them unless they were POOR when they retire -- so they ought to SAVE!

People that work hard, save, invest and pay attention to things like "actual need" rather than just "where the votes are" are typically not Democrats ... which makes it imperative for BO and the MSM to demagogue any real proposal that might save the truly needy under FICA in order to preserve the vote getting fantasy that everyone is going to get way more out than they put in!!

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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Thatcher and Enemies

Opinion: Why Thatcher made so many enemies - CNN.com:

Good little column that pretty much states the obvious without stating it ... so I'll translate.

  • There are ALWAYS winners and losers, the question is just "who". 
  • When the winners are the hard working, the investors, the innovators, the risk takers, the investors, then the entire country moves forward -- even the "losers", although not nearly as fast as those that strive, so the "gap" gets larger. 
  • Those that don't want to compete, believe that competition can be "managed, avoided, blunted, leveled, etc" are ALWAYS unhappy ... when they "win", then everyone goes down as in the former USSR, and England, Europe, Japan and the US today. Scarcity becomes the rule, but from their perspective -- until they starve, it is "better", because the field is more level, and they like that. 
  • Media, major educational institutions, nearly all of the non self made wealthy and of course government and unions are ALWAYS going to STRONGLY oppose someone like Thatcher or Reagan. They literally HATE them, because they represent a world view that they despise.

    So Thatcher and Reagan are seen as "evil". Those that run "the establishment", are quite happy with the EXISTING class structure thank you very much! The idea that people can succeed  on merit and pull themselves up in class flies in the face of both their positions and the views of their captive masses, trudging along in what they hope to be a completely predictable somnolent life with no hope of advancement or fear of loss.  ("You didn't build that!")

She was THE Lady! To have lived at a time where both her and Reagan were able to show mankind once more what is possible when liberty is unleashed against the forces of tyranny and corruption was a rare privilege.

So the forces of tyranny and corruption hated her and they enjoy her death. Naturally they do. If they were willing to take a small glance in the mirror, perhaps they could increase their understanding of "evil" (something ALL of us share) to a much greater degree!

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Monday, April 08, 2013

Another Senseless Gun Death

Woman killed by 4-year-old in Tennessee cookout - CNN.com:

...at least that is what you are SUPPOSED to think. If one looks inside though, while CERTAINLY "senseless and preventable",  I doubt if even the most rabid of current gun grabbers is seriously talking about removing firearms from the police!!

... killing the wife of a Tennessee sheriff's deputy who was showing his guns to a relative, state police said Monday.

Why oh why is this national news? Is there ANY other possible reason to put it out there with a headline like this just to have the gun grabbers shake their heads and cluck about how it is "senseless"??

Yes, cars, stairs, bicycles ... there are LOTS of "senseless" (to us) deaths.

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Rick Warren and Civility

First Take: Vitriol infests Warren family grief:

First, my deepest condolences to Rick Warren and family -- if he was the very embodiment of evil in the modern world,  to not feel his pain at all makes one wonder if the prevalence of sociopaths in our society is understated.

How often we hear how "coarse" things have become in this country. Can it be ANY more "coarse" than attacking a man whose son has committed suicide?

To believe in Christ is to always have hope. One feels more sorry for those hopeless enough to attack anyone in such pain, but such is what happens for those who leave positive hope behind and replace it with the negative hope for immediate annihilation upon death.

It is not Gods will that any should perish, but for those that choose that path, they seem driven to prove that God truly is just in his eternal judgement.

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Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Axis of Education

University of Minnesota's bloat must end | StarTribune.com:

Wow, Arnie and at Strib being worried about UofM spending in ANY way is definitely like the fox wanting to add safety measures to the hen house!

The numbers are suitably obscene, abut somehow the "solutions" don't look likely to do very much to me ... this and that "commission", and DFLer from here or there. Ho-hum, the U is ground zero for filling the skulls of the young with statist claptrap de jour, are they REALLY surprised that some of the folks riding the perpetual gravy train may have gotten a little greedy and pudgy?

US education is in almost as bad a shape as we are governmentally, financially and economically. It is dedicated to the ancient "kids in a room with an ossified union driving the show in bed with big government" from "Dead Start" giving the those just out of the cradle indoctrination to the majesty of the state, all the way up to having the "BS" piled higher and deeper to MS and PHD via rigorous goose-step head bobbing agreement with the socialist, anti-competitive, politically correct mantra that happens to be the current theme of the "Axis of Education ". Really more than "3" though ...  government, unions, lawyers, big education.

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Friday, April 05, 2013

Back to the '70s

Unemployment Drops to 7.6%, Mass Jobs Exodus Puts America Back at Pre-Reagan Labor Force Levels | Independent Journal Review:

Well, at least we don't have to wonder anymore what it would have been like if Jimmy Carter had gotten a 2nd term. We are living it!!

I also LOVE how SURPRISED the economists are! At least the ones the MSM consults tend to be SHOCKED by bad economic numbers when a Dem is in the WH and good economic numbers when a Republican is in there -- any good number during the W years was "surprising", and any bad number now is positively unbelievable for them. Duh!

When your models keep making the wrong predictions it is time to CHANGE YOUR MODELS!

Insanity is doing the same stuff and expecting different results!

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Progressives on Hypocrisy

Forward Progressives — Paul Ryan: The Ultimate Hypocrite:

Ran into this nice little screed on Paul Ryan that is a pretty good example of the "alternate universe" that "progressives" live in. To be "Progressive" or "liberal" is to have a keen sense of "hypocrisy" in others, but no mirror at all.

For a "progressive", the W deficits were horrible, but BO's are fine. Any use of military power under W was worthy of a protest, where under BO any military use, even without congressional approval is fine. Gitmo was a constant source of animus under W, now it is fine. Killing even Americans with drones? No problem with BO in the WH, under W? Killing ANYONE was "chilling" ... even terrorists deserved "constitutional rights", now not even Americans do if BO decides against it.

Now, let it be said that ANYONE with ANY standards is in fact a hypocrite -- or else your standards are so low as to not be worthy of being called "standards". ALL sin -- in many and various ways, so the only true non-hypocrites are guys like Slick Willie that never claimed to have any standards and did an excellent job of proving it!

The big difference here is that Ryan nor any Republican I know of ever said NO government!! Smaller than it is now, yes ... but maybe 15-20% of GDP vs the 25% it is today. Dealing with government is more like dieting than quitting smoking or drinking. Unless someone starts talking ZERO government or railing against having public schools, or benefits for children whose parents have died it is ridiculous to bring them into the discussion.

FICA **IS** a Ponzi scheme -- it just hasn't crashed yet. If we don't fix it, there will be no money for ANY. What Ryan wants to do is means test it to keep it helping those that truly need it and to characterize his approach otherwise is either stupid or disingenuous.

On budgets, spending and deficits, it is a discussion of degree. It is certainly hypocrisy to have railed against W deficits that were less than half BOs smallest to date at WORST, and in some cases 10% of BOs, and now be completely unconcerned and in fact cheering for larger deficits as is the case with Paul Krugman. Being OK with deficits that are smaller but concerned with those that are larger seems quite reasonable in may contexts -- two beers vs 12 for example makes a difference.

Do I believe that Ryan, W, and many Republicans were in the wrong to do medicare part D? Yes, I thought it was a fools errand at then and still do. I believe that their much smaller, but still excessive government spending was wrong. The problem is that government is often a "lesser of two evils" problem, ESPECIALLY if you are a conservative. The only folks that are going to be elected and be at all effective are POLITICIANS, so one is always hiring the equivalent of the fox to guard the henhouse!

To be a Christian means that I need to recognize that **I** am the "ultimate pile of garbage" ... but reading columns like this does provide the temptation to believe that some folks are worse! ;-)

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Tuesday, April 02, 2013