Thursday, April 11, 2013

5 Current BO Lies

5 Reasons Obama's White House is Administration That Cried Wolf | Independent Journal Review | Page 9:

Nice little sequence of 5 actual lies of that last month or so directly from the mouth of BO. Must be hard work to pare it down to just 5, his lips move quite a bit.

For W, we either had (1) "British Intelligence / yellowcake" in the the SOTU address, or (2) "No WMD". But we heard A LOT about them!!

1 was in fact true as stated by Tony Blair and re-stated by British Intelligence, 2 was a complete surprise to nearly everyone including every intelligence agency in the world, and likely Saddam himself. I choose to believe that Saddam was able to hide a couple semi sized containers of WMD in a country with 65K sq miles of desert. Wait for a sand storm, drive them out there and bury them. Take the GPS coord and shoot the guys that did it. But whatever, "Making predications is hard, especially about the future" (Yogi Berra)

When you can lie directly and convincingly to the camera and the MSM is NEVER going to bother to check anything, it really helps being a "masterful politician". It gets MUCH harder when even when you are telling the truth, or don't have 100% foreknowledge of the future,  they call you "liar, liar" 24x7.

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