Friday, April 12, 2013

7800 Words of "Common Sense"

Posted: Full Text of 'The Public Safety And Second Amendment Rights Protection Act' | The Weekly Standard:

Remember when BO was going to post potential bills to the internet weeks in advance of their being voted on as part of "the most transparent administration in history"??

I tried to read it a bit. There is some motherhood up front about "supporting the 2nd amendment and making everyone safe", but within it there is stuff about forming a commission, 15 years in prison for gun violations and very odd stuff about potentially limiting my right to carry on federal highways -- but I would NOT say that I'm sure at all.

Unless you are a plain Statist that COMPLETELY "trusts the government", personally have no firearms or at MOST "take them hunting once a year", it is unimaginable that you could be "for" this. It is impossible to say what "this" even is!

Why would there be ANY penalties for ANY non-violent first time gun "violation"?  I have a permit, I carry a pistol, if there is "a problem",  I leave whatever premises or unload my pistol and put it in a locked case and go on my way.

This bill reeks of "selective enforcement" -- maybe I speak out on a subject that someone in government or someone with connections in government doesn't like. Maybe it is even guns. I have a permit, I've purchased guns under the existing NICs system which means there is already a record of my purchase. Is it in a database??? Well, they seem to be able to find out VERY fast in these shootings where and when the gun or guns used came from. In fact, they can find that right away unless the ATF is running them to Mexican gun cartels ... but I digress.

Criminals don't follow laws, even onces that they can't read. There are only two "common sense" purposes that this law could possibly achieve:

  • It furthers the registration of guns for future confiscation
  • It provides more excessive penalties for dimly or unnamed "violations" that can be selectively enforced on people when desired by government beauracrats, politicians, or people that have connections with them.

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