Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Spineless Perspective

The Spineless Gun Vote -

As I read this article I was again very glad that the MSM and BO didn't get their wish of the Boston Bombers being "White Right Wingers". Now the calls will all be for "caution and no rush to judgement" ... don't blame Islam, don't blame immigration ... no need to blame at all. Well, maybe we aren't welcoming enough ...  if the poor misguided children had gotten a hug at the right time?

No calls for the banning of anything.  When bomb goes off, the bomber is responsible. When there is a shooting, it is the guns fault! Bombs are inanimate, guns are evil daemons that capture the hearts of man. Maybe the progressive psyche feels an affinity for the annihilation of the bomb in carrying out the act? The gun is somehow evil since it survives the violence. Sort of a French Revolution view -- the country was destroyed, but the revolution was a great success!

I remember so well when 9-11 happened and some called the Terrorists "cowards". The left took a dim view of that right away ... "they gave up their lives, how can you call them cowards"? For the left, as long as the attacker is "anti-american", the hackles rise if one tries to label their actions negatively.

The Ft Hood shooting that killed 13 and injured 32 is classified by the BO Administration as "Workplace Violence", not terrorism. It seems surreal, Islam is WAY more "homophobic", "at war with women", and "anti science" than Christianity, yet the standard "left elite" in America are very reticent to label Islamic acts as "terrorist".

The only reason that I can come up with for that is "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". The elite left hates Christians and Constitution supporting Americans ... "conservatives", so much that much as with the old USSR, they feel a certain kinship with the attackers.

Why DO they hate guns so? They need to be goaded to even mention the Gosnell house of horrors. A live baby delivered into a toilet splashing around that is taken out and slaughtered. Gosnell  has a good shot at being the biggest mass murderer in US history just counting the babies delivered alive -- not counting what? Thousands that were viable, but were "properly" murdered before exit from the mothers body? The MSM and the left absolutely do not care! Abortion, or even infanticide is something they are happy to allow, they DEMAND it! no matter the numbers, no matter the "collateral damage".

Again, it is hard for me to even fathom the reasoning. Bombs are indiscriminate. They kill en-masse, is that why they are so much less angered by the use of a bomb? But then not really -- McVeigh, the fortunately very rare nut-job with some "right leaning" was certainly demonized and the Clinton administration and MSM were chomping at the bit to get out and "infiltrate right wing groups", and to "put the muzzle on the hate filled voices of talk radio".

It is clear that at the moment the left wants the constitutional republic replaced by mob rules ASAP. BO's disdain for the 60 vote filibuster capability in the Senate was palpable in his tirade this week. How did "The Republic for which it stands" become so lost that standing against the majority (at least according to the right polls) is "spineless". How comforting to write for that bastion of divergent thought, the NYTs, where even their house "right winger", David Brooks, supported BO for president.

Ah yes, the "courage" of it all.

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