Sunday, April 14, 2013

Benghazi Scooter Libby

700 Retired Military Special Ops Tell Congress to Form Select Committee on Benghazi:

We certainly celebrated Seal Team 6 when Osama was killed. Nearly as much as BO was celebrated.

Remember Scooter Libby and Valerie Plame?? The media was OBSESSED with the question of wether a CIA "secret agent"  that lived in Virginia and drove into Langley every day was "outed". As part of her "deep cover",  her husband had written an article for the New Yorker that was critical of the administration. (were there any articles in the New Yorker that were not critical of the W administration?).

We got a Special Prosecutor, reams of ink, tons of time on shout shows devoted to "investigating" this supposed "crime". Turns out that Richard Armitage, a state department functionary that was anti-Iraq invasion, was the sort of the source. Well, that and the fact that her name was listed next to her husbands, Joe Wilson, in "Who's Who in America", no doubt further evidence of just how "covert" she was. Scooter Libby? Oh, he was prosecuted for PERJURY for LYING, because he got a date wrong for when he had talked to Tim Russert. Another case where the standard for "lying" is much stricter when one is a conservative.

Does anyone see any difference in the media treatment of these two incidents?

Does anyone actually believe that if W had lost an embassy under similar circumstances, the timeline, who was involved, who was making the decisions and at least all the questions included in this letter would be known by every American because they would be on the news every single day with suitably ominous overtones of the only two reasons that something like this could happen in a Republican administration? Gross and prosecutable incompetence, or deep political intrigue, manipulation and coverup. Most likely lots of both!


SEVEN HUNDRED retired Special Ops folks sign a very well done letter asking some very obvious questions that need to be answered. Are they ALL some sort of cranky right wingers?? Maybe they are a just a bit concerned of damage to the Esprit Decor of Special Forces when 2 of their own are left to die with no support in Benghazi.

The US military, and ESPECIALLY the Special Forces have a very strong commitment to their own to do all in their power to assist and extract even against very long odds. Damage that, and the effect on our ability to do raids like getting Osama may be damaged irreparably.

The Jimmuh Carter Desert Classic (Operation Eagle Claw, the failed Iran hostage rescue) can EASILY come again. We worked 30 years to return the American military to the capability that we were at prior to BO taking power --  we are already "back to the '70s" in number of people working and income, must we also go there with our military?

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