Thursday, April 18, 2013

BO Knowingly Lies In Calling NRA Liars

Obama Takes Senate to Task for Failed Gun Control Measure - ABC News:

If you can stomach listening to this sob-fest, you will hear BO directly lie about two points.

1) He will claim that "60% of the gun purchases go though background checks". The real figure is 90-95%, He has gotten 3 pinnochios from the Post on this before he KNOWS this is a LIE!

2). Since he knows 1, he knows there is NO "Gun show / Internet loophole". You as private individual MAY sell one or two guns, but they had better have been in your collection for over a year, or it is a STRAW SALE! If you are an FFL, which you BETTER BE if you are going to sell guns, you have to do a background check on EVERY gun you sell. Thus about 5% of gun transfers are between family members, and about 5% more are between sporting gun users like USPSA shooters which may well sell a gun to a fellow shooter -- BUT, everyone that I know gets a copy of their drivers lic and Carry Permit or Permit to Buy, which IS a background check, just not one with a federal paper trail.

NOBODY says that the bill that went down would have prevented Sandy Hook. To have those folks there as props is simply and emotional lie. It is shamelessly using a horrible event in an attempt to get pure political gain -- it is callous and cowardly beyond what one would believe possible in a human, but BO continues to surprise in how low he can really go.

I tried to read the bill, I'm not sure WHAT is in it! It sure as hell isn't "common sense gun legislation".

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