Wednesday, April 10, 2013

BO Pushes Grandma off Cliff

Seniors would see smaller Social Security checks under Obama budget due to chained CPI - Apr. 10, 2013: "inflation"

... or that is how it was treated when Paul Ryan had a much more realistic and fair proposal. One in which benefits for YOUNGER FICA beneficiaries WHO HAD A HIGHER INCOME were "cut" (meaning the rate of growth was slowed).

How different it is when BO proposes hitting the OLDEST and likely POOREST of beneficiaries? Naturally, after directly promising that HE would "protect FICA". We get the liars we so richly deserve.

Why does he do it? Because he will be out of office in the future and there are less voters over 80 than under 80. The entire Democrat created Ponzi scheme called FICA is about buying votes today with the money of future generations and then leaving those generations holding the bag -- and from the Democrat view, so impoverished they will be unable to vote for anything but whatever remaining crumbs future Democrats can scrape from the dried husk of a once great nation.

As the fecal material has begun to hit the fan and it becomes obvious, as it does in all Ponzi schemes, that the vast majority of folks that put the money in will not be getting it out, it is important to hold the reckoning off as long as possible ... thus, fake a little longer that you are going to give the hit ONLY to the oldest of the recipients.

Actually giving a damn about people as opposed to merely political power would require taking action so the most vulnerable were LEAST hit, and the young people quickly realized that there would be no FICA for them unless they were POOR when they retire -- so they ought to SAVE!

People that work hard, save, invest and pay attention to things like "actual need" rather than just "where the votes are" are typically not Democrats ... which makes it imperative for BO and the MSM to demagogue any real proposal that might save the truly needy under FICA in order to preserve the vote getting fantasy that everyone is going to get way more out than they put in!!

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