Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CNN Headline: Why is Gun Grabbing Hard

Why is this so hard? The disconnect on background checks and guns -

It is nice when the MSM is up front that they are telling you what to think rather than reporting.

One reason it may be hard is that gun ownership is clearly stated as an UNALIENABLE right in the 2nd amendment of the constitution. Sure CNN, BO and Democrats feel the constitution is nothing to be counted on except for the sacrement of abortion, freedom from religion and not having to have an ID to vote. None of which are of course in the constitution at all -- but THEY are "unalienable" to Democrats, therefore "sacred".

Partially because they have no clue what they are talking about:
Though FBI background checks are required for commercial sales, the proposal being considered would expand them to gun shows and internet sales, but they would not require checks for other private transactions, according to multiple sources familiar with the talks.
The "loophole" is relative to PRIVATE sales of guns, at most one or two sales a year, the VAST preponderance of them done by serious gun sportsmen where the person getting the gun is explicitly known, and EVEN THEN, the standard is to keep a copy of their drivers license and either carry permit or permit to purchase on file. 

ALL commercial sales -- which are 90% of sales have background checks -- over the internet, at gun shows, etc. There IS NO "Gun Show / Internet "!!! 

The "private sales" that I described above are 5%, 5% are inheritance, transfers to kids, spouses and relatives. 

The REASON that BO and Democrats want this law is that it will allow them to DOCUMENT ALL SALES AND TRANSFERS by law abiding citizens! The current background check is de-facto registration. The gun dealer has your information and the serial number of the gun. However, TODAY, one could always say "I sold it" if the feds come knocking at your door for confiscation. To date, registration has ALWAYS led to confiscation in all other cases where it has happened. 

The REAL "loophole" is the legal private sale or transfer of a firearm. If they want to confiscate, they will be stuck if you refuse to give them the gun they have listed as being owned by you and can't find it on your premises. Pass this, and you have the THIN veneer of "it was stolen" (and you didn't report it), or "I lost it" -- very easily made into crimes in themselves, thus solving the problem of confiscation from law abiding citizens. 

Criminals of course don't follow laws -- that goes for the ones on the street and the ones in Washington as well. 

Oh, and BTW, we are STILL not a DEMOCRACY, we are a REPUBLIC!! If 100% of the people really want gun control, then doing a Constitutional Amendment to remove the 2nd ought to be EASY!! So just do it. Listen to the Pledge next time and consider what you are pledging allegiance to -- it makes things like removing rights based on the will of the mob HARD! It was intended to!!

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