Saturday, April 27, 2013

FAA Furlough Fact Free Fury

FAA furlough reprieve: 'No fair!' - Apr. 26, 2013:

First, let's get the salient point out, this quote is in response to the claim that the BO admin is just trying to make things as painful as possible for political purposes:

The FAA’s budget backs that theory. According to FAA budget documents, the agency’s budget request for the 2013 fiscal year was $15.146 billion. The FAA’s actual, post-sequestration budget for FY 2013 was $15.371 billion — $225 million more than requested, as Phil Kerpen at American Commitment noted Thursday.
So, there are two potential reasons for the supposedly sequestration caused furloughs: 

  1. Gross incompetence. The FAA requested over $225 million less than they needed to operate, and that ONLY came to light after the sequestration. 
  2. This is a political ploy to make people "feel the pain" of sequestration. 

What I find even more interesting is the left screaming "no fair" on even the phony "deal" to get the controllers back to work. They want "all or nothing". Either ALL the funding comes back, or NONE of it!!

With that logic, we can't possibly govern ourselves. The whole idea of budgets is making intelligent choices about where and how much to spend based on priorities and trade-offs. Take that away and one would get a government spending trillions, borrowing trillions and taxing the economy into oblivion on auto-pilot. 

Oh, wait ... 

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