Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hoping For the Next Newton

Round Two for Gun Control May Take a ‘Next Newtown’ -

Republicans need only try to get the deficit under $1T these days before we get a huge chorus from the MSM saying  "they want the economy to fail so that Obama will be blamed".

No chance someone could believe that incentives for hard work, fiscal responsibility, less inflationary politics, etc could POSSIBLY produce better economic results! Nope, Republicans are mean spirited political ideologues, and even though they tend to be hard workers, investors, and have kids and grandkids, they completely and ONLY care about "making Obama look bad". How could anyone who has invested in the country and a family POSSIBLY care about the future?

We well know that caring about the future is the sole domain of folks that aborted their kids or wrote two autobiographies before they were 50! Those are the folks that care about the future of America more than temporary expediency or personal political gain!!

Why, I'd have to be the insane right wing looney that I am to think any different!

Can ANYONE look at this and not believe that there are not a TON of folks on the left that WANT to see another Newtown?? Heck, they are willing to essentially say that in a HEADLINE!! No chance at all I suppose that there could be some crazy lefty out there that is right now "girding his loins" to head out and shoot up some grade school ... or maybe nursery this time if the committed gun grabbers are "lucky".

Why is it that the often MSM makes me sick again??

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