Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hoping for White

Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American -

The left tends to be quite racist on things like the Marathon Bombing -- sort of like the old boxing public, they have the "Great White Hope". Some of the less thoughtful will say "it's different, RACISTS want whites to do GOOD things, and blacks to do BAD / LOSE / etc." Yes, please just think a tiny bit about all those "equals" signs out on the web over "gay marriage" meant and apply it here.

I just watched the "White Supremacist" narrative run and die on CNN as I worked out at the local club the last couple weeks, wow, those White Supremacists are some BAD dudes, oops, small problem, they have nothing to do with the crime that CNN already had them convicted for

I'm expecting this to change anytime soon about as much as I'm looking for a ban on pressure cookers; "Pressure Cookers Kill!!".

This article is worth reading painfully. "Salon" is not far in thought process from HuffPo and is a good example of the kind of "journalism" on the rise with the ascension of the left since '06.

At the core of this thinking is a total hatred of anything "right", which of course means a hatred of liberty, since the right is libertarian and the left is statist. "Thou shalt not question the state" (except to the extent that Republicans are in control) ... to question the state means that you are, or are very close to being a "hate group", and only shills like Laura Ingraham would think that you ought not be investigated by the Feds. Who knows, you may actually own a scary gun -- or a pressure cooker!

The other is extremely selective relativism. The 9-11 attacks, Bin Ladin, the clearly heavily organized and over 20 year old Al Qaeda become "equivalent" to Timothy McVeigh, who might have been to a "militia meeting" a time or two ... or maybe just had friends who had. The American MSM is ALWAYS waiting with baited breath to jump to a charge of "Right Wing Terrorists" ... every shooting we have is initially at least floated as "due to the hateful rhetoric of the right wing", or did you know Sara Palin had used the term "targeted" (along with every political group in the US, but no matter).

Quite commonly the operative problem, uni-bomber, Aurora movie shooter, certainly Gabby Giffords shooter is that they are "mentally unstable" (at best). In the mentioned cases, they also happened to have very left leaning writings, thoughts, etc, BUT, I'm perfectly OK with what I see as the real problem being that they were "unstable". Had Timothy McVeigh had similar political thoughts, call me a wacko, but I'm betting that his political leanings would have been a complete non-issue.

I'm going out a real limb here I know, but I here predict that if Boston or any other future killer turns out to have ANY connection that can even be STRETCHED to be "Right Wing", that will be a big big story. If George Zimmer voted Republican vs Democrat (which he did), then I'd guess THAT angle would be getting A LOT more play in the Trayvon Martin saga.

Oh yes, and hitting a government building in OK with a rented truck is "equivalent" to flying commercial airliners complete with passengers into the WTC, Pentagon, and crashing in a field in PA.  It's all relative -- and the relative lefty brains get to massage that relativity as they see fit.

This counts for "thought" on the left. These people can get seriously worked up believing that their world view is an accurate reflection of reality. Think about that the next time you watch BO talk!

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