Sunday, April 28, 2013

How Politics Works

Michael Ramirez Cartoon:

We have all seen this happen locally. The classic is the school when short of money starts cutting athletic or music programs that have heavy emotional support, and explains "that's what cuts mean". They don't cut monstrous administration salaries, reduce administrative personnel, increase some of the class sizes at Jr High and HS, etc. They take actions that are guaranteed to get people up in arms ASAP. 

Local government is much the same. Hold some key local need hostage until the pet bonding or tax levy that allows pork and featherbedding as usual to go on or even increase. Just go take a walk through your local courthouse, county government center or other similar facility and think about the thought that "government has been cut to the bone". 

This is why our founders worked so hard to LIMIT the Federal Government. They had studied human  nature and history, and they were dealing with a government ruled by a King. They knew government was necessary, but realized that it was very difficult to control, even at the LOCAL level. 

The BO FAA ploy is classic. Refuse to deal with the elected representatives of the people, suggest the idea of sequestration, get the tax increases on the wealthy that you had indicated were what you were after, and then continue to refuse to deal on spending. When the sequestration that you wanted comes to pass and really doesn't make that much difference after all, push in any way you can to make it as painful as you possibly can, independent of the harm it causes to the economy or to individuals. 

You are just going to successfully blame it on the other party anyway and probably even pick up control of the House in the next election because,  just as in 1776, lawless despotism works!

 For the despot!

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