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NPR, April, "Right Wing" Terrorism

ViralRead » NPR’s Dina Temple Raston Blames Boston on ‘Right-Wing Individuals’:

Your tax dollars at work, on "ALL THINGS (from a lefty nut job perspective) Considered".

Boston was "Right-wing extremism", got that?? Cuz April is a huge month for it!!

HITLERS B-Day. Let's see, was he Libertarian? Anarchist? or just basically a Republican? RIGHT is LESS GOVERNMENT ... yes, you will find some totally anti-government folks over there that are Anarchist who MAY do some forms of terror, but Hitler? Sure, during WWII, there was the propaganda of calling the National SOCIALISTS (Nazis), "right wing", since we were allied with the communists from the USSR. Hitler was just another STATIST. Left to right is "Maxwell Smart" on the old "Get Smart" TV show, "Control vs Chaos". Left believes in the power of the state over the individual, right believes in less state, and at the far right side, NO GOVERNMENT == chaos.

Branch Davidians???  The CLINTON administration chose April as the month to attack them. Was the Clinton administration (or maybe just Janet Reno?) somehow liberty and individualism oriented??  Man, they sure hid it well.

Columbine? Who knows what all those kids really thought ... if they did think, but they were younger than the Boston Bombers.  Just watch the media thinking shift switch on Boston now "Can't rush to be blaming ISLAM just because they may have connections there". It would be TERRIBLE to allow the actions of a couple looneys to besmirch the "religion of peace".

McVeigh. There we finally have a nut job with some "right wing", meaning anti-government thinking. But notice, we don't hold the Uni-bomber up ... also to some degree "right wing" in that he was anti-technology and anti-corporate, but not really anti-government, so what is focused on there is that he was a nut -- not his thinking.

FREEDOM means that it is possible to have different views without being slandered by the PU|BLIC media!! It is just barely possible that when total government spending is about 40% of GDP, it MAY be just barely possible to be relatively sane and think that LESS, say maybe "1/3 or 1/4" of GDP would be a good direction vs MORE. One would still be a very long way from "no government" even at 25% of GDP.

Note: The MSM often confuses people buy using US **FEDERAL** tax rates and spending in comparison with Sweden, Germany, etc to claim that "US taxes and spending are LOW in comparison".  Don't look now, but those countries are basically the size of major US "Blue States"(BS) US BS Spending, and especially urban spending -- like NYC, LA, SF, Chicago, etc EXCEEDS 50% of of GDP. True, the people that make any money that live in those cities (or even work there) pay though the nose, but even so, without vast transfers from the states the cities are in and the Federal government, their lavish spending to purchase close to 100% democrat votes would still not be "viable". Even that is a complete fiction -- given the financial condition of the BSs, our cities, and the Federal deficits.

But you must be carefully taught to hate the "right wing" ... meaning anyone that might hold a different opinion on the advancement of Statism. There were a number of "breakouts" on the Boston Bombing where we see just how anxious the MSM and the BO admin is to get a good old fashioned witch hunt for "Right Wingers" going. BO was struck by it being "Tax Day" -- somehow I really don't think that meant much to the Chechens.

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